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It really is that easy. I could go back to California, back to my carrier and back to the crazy California dating scene. It’s simple, in LA girls under 25 only care about sex  from 26 to 40 they only care about making babies and finding that sperm donor with a constant  and impressive paycheck  Somewhere around 40, divorced and still living off of thier ex husband financially they seek healing from the trauma of mating with a paycheck. Bewildered and jaded they will spend the rest of thier lives seeking mythical gurus, start to refer to themselves as goddesses while  attending spiritual healing retreats, spending all thier divorce proceeds on books like the power of now and will eventually land on San Juan island seeking a new life with a younger mate. We call them cougars, they are real and they are frightening.

Chloe was a reservation dog. Area code is from when we lived with the Apache. We were both born with deep Native American blood.

It could be this or many other things that have me living on and island where I’m the only single person who isn’t either widowed or a tourist. It’s my safe place, just today one of my girl friends commented on how she really wants to find me a nice girl. Please don’t, I think I said it twice.  More and more I’m getting those comments about how lucky I am to be free. I don’t necessarily see it that way but it does beg for explantaion from all of those I love you smoochie Facebook posts couples insist on shoving down our throats while behind the secret doors of Matrimony they are in relationship counseling.  Let me be the first to tell you that if your relationship needs counseling it’s over!

But this post has nothing to do with any of this, or anything at all and thats the point. Yes I’m a privileged white male living in America but I also create what ever privilege or lack there of that I experience in this life. When I started Art of Hookie it had nothing to do with playing hookey hence the spelling. It was going to be about a boat that never got named Hookie.  I don’t really care what other people do or how they do it. Personally I do everything on a level that screams this is going to be huge! And sometime it actually is. So along with my life of privilege comes the privilege of choice, my choice because it’s my life.

More often than not I choose the road less travelled I say less because I’ve never done anything original in my life, rather I fall with a collective few who have strayed from the norm. My bike is already pretty freaking minimalist, she is perfect for me, for today. To better my ride and my experience I now have the challenge to take away from it as my experience allows.  When it comes to travel and exploration the less you have to haul around the more you are given in return of adventure. Today it’s my brand new leatherman that’s getting chopped, tomorrow it may be my only warmie bottoms and at some point who knows, maybe the trip will end with a bike stripped as naked as the day I was born.

Each and every day I seek more out of this life, the less time I have remaining on the planet the more each new endeavor means to me.  My learning curve, the understanding and constant evaluation of how little personal possessions mean to me or effect my happiness is slowly setting me free. Yes I am slowly being given the freedom that nothing affords because like the title says, nothing matters.  To get to this place on my own was a huge challenge, I’ve asked nothing of anyone because it’s something I wanted badly enough to create on my own. I’ve been  on this path for over ten years and again I’m learning something new.  I have a list of companies who want to help me along on my journey.  My ride may be solo but I’ve got backing the whole way, a golden parachute if you will. To share the journey will be a new adventure and again in many ways will let me carry less of a burden both physically and mentally as i will always have a group of angels watching my back.  I’m feeling pretty lucky these days. Come ride with me, er-um… us 🙂

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