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Scurrying around like a little mouse I couldn't bring myself to leave the warm sanctuary of the box I've been living in for the past few weeks. Slightly larger but just as confining as a coffin, I longed to be free of it but little niggling fears and doubts kept me at bay. Always one last thing to do, check or recheck. I didn't actually finish my kit till 12 seconds before pushing my behemoth of a bike out the door and down the stairs, I'm now homeless.

Fear is an interesting emotion. While I readily admit that I am afraid of everything on this earth I am not afraid of fear itself. My fears all of them are based off of my own personal experiences, not the boogie man the media inflicts on us. I know people so crippled with fear I wonder how they walk out their own front door, many don't. When people try and tell me all of the dangers that lie ahead I roll my eyes, these are the people who have never and will never experience the true freedom of life, they have too many excuses based off of fear. They project their fears on me not to protect me but to protect themselves because if I do what they fear then it makes them a failure by default of trying. I'm wild and can't be contained in any box, you can't scare me anymore than I scare myself. What I do know is that shit happens out here and you work through it one pedal stroke at a time.

I have things I'd like to do, places I'd like to see but as of this second I don't have a single destination or plan, I'm just going for a nice little bike ride. My budget is $4,000.00 I know people who couldn't last 2 weeks on this and others who could easily stretch it into 2 years and have and do so consistently. This freedom of thrift is the key. To ask myself how wisely I'll spend my hard earned bounty is a question that will answer itself in its own good time. Somewhere in the middle of all of our different styles of life lies the true freedom of choice. Ahead of me could lie an endless journey if I want it badly enough. On the other hand I could be broke in a month or two. I'm retired for now. The big unknown even to me at this point is how badly do I want it, how far am I willing to go to not come back and how skilled am I at life. Only the future has the answers to these and all of the other unknowns that await me on this journey.

I have one more gift to myself before I strangle he coffers of my budget, a warm long pair of wool tights, all I have now are nickers and there will be many long cold mountain passes ahead. My slow journey has begun but first there will be a few days of rest, mindless activity and lots of water and stretching. I almost missed my ferry hunting down the legend of the moose crossing. I was promised it didn't exist by many, again I have proven that if you believe in something enough in your mind and heart that you will find it.

I'm no athlete but a very good friend of mine is, she is better known for running ultra marathons. Her last bit of advice before hanging up the phone was "ride like a girl Ali"

Rubber tramp journal. I'm sitting on the ferry waiting for it to bring me the mainland, I start every journey with a hot latte, it's my tradition. I delight in every sip as this may be my last store bough luxury, budgets you know…

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