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I’ve truly loved each and every boat I’ve had the good fortune to sail and there have been many. Each new boat has been specifically sought out for one reason or another. I can say that without a doubt I love Sookie more than all of them put together. All boats have their limitations. Sookie will sail rings around the Roo my old Allegra 24 and the Roo would sail rings around S/V Dangerous my old Flicka. The end of this path that started over 30 years ago is the next one size up. I’ve worked my whole life to gain the knowledge to be worthy of this mistress of my mind.

Like a bad penny she keeps coming back to me and I can’t help but to wonder why. Sure she is a more capable boat as is the 34 more capable than she and the 40 and so on. I can’t help to wonder if I’ve been brainwashed by all the people who have been brainwashed that bigger is always better. Sookie is very small indeed but also carries a pedigree in her old bones that stretches back to when sailors used seamanship not credit cards to safely navigate the water ways of the world.

This summer I got to sail on a 50’ cat and in some fucked up way became very smitten with size and speed and a warm boat where my coffee will never spill. Thank god it cost over 3 million dollars or I might actually have changed my thirty year old boat list with just one name still not scratched off.

The last few days with Sookie have been nice albeit very chilly as she has no heat. I’ve missed the season to replace her thru hulls and pintles and gudgeons but I’ve also putout word that I need to borrow a sturdy trailer to move her indoors just long enough to set up a perfectly waterproof seal.

It spooks me to no end thinking about the bigger boat but still… a sit down toilet, heat, hot shower and that huge powerful rig, I’m not getting any younger and all
Of these things will be a necessary evil sooner rather than later. Tomorrow morning I’ll begin the project of removing her bowsprit to Bring home with me for paint and inspection.

I’ve promised myself a stove of some sort on a proper gimbal will be installed before Christmas. All her bronze bits will also be in my possession by then as well. Those blood red sails I’ve been working on should be bent on by spring but to accomplish all this means I’ll be here through the summer working to pay for it all. Again the slip in Santa Barbara is calling to me as is her sister who sits patiently on the other side of the planet.

While there may be many larger boats out there. Boats that are faster, boats that are more powerful, boats that make little Sookie pale in size comparison, there are few on this planet that are a testament to the sea like Sookie is. Big sailors on big boats will always tell big stories but when the dawn arrives blowing cold and fowl their stories stay in the harbor while Sookie always a slips her anchor and preforms like the lady that she is which sometimes is with a mighty tempest.

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