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I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately, most of my friends actually get their news from Comedy Central. Rolling down the coast I’m appalled by the absolute poverty, homelessness and despair. I can’t help but to wonder if our economy is so strong which I hear around every corner, then why is it that the fed keeps saying they will raise rates when the economy is strong enough. Measured by today’s overnight rate, our economy is worse than it was in 2000 and it pretty much sucked then???

The miles roll by, my mind is my playground and my search for a new home so far has been fruitless. I’ve been blessed with addresses like Ocean ave and E. Bay street from Malibu to La Jolla and everywhere in between. I’ve lived on Maui, Hawaii and Oahu, Lake Tahoe , Madison and most recently the San Juan islands, all of them. Fortunate yes but where do I want to live now?

I know this, I don’t want to live on a boat, not in the PNW at least. I’d prefer to either live coastal or at altitude but where. I’ve pedaled over a thousand miles from the Canadian border and still haven’t found a place I’d like to hang my helmet. I just learned that a bridge is out just south of Monterey which means I won’t be riding he coast any further than Than than so now my big search is for a map and a new direction.

They say that familiarity breeds contempt. It’s not that I haven’t loved every inch of my life but now I’m looking for more. A place to write my book and it will be a good read. A place where my anonymity keeps me safe. I can’t walk a block in the PNW without running into readers of AOH. It’s time to move on, to move foreword and to start a new. For now the bike is my home and a good one but these short mileage rest days are getting to me. Patiently I’m working through my ITB and a few other things that have been creaky but all and all I feel good.

Ten years ago driving north to Alaska with my girlfriend but soon enough to be ex wife, we we’re going to build an off grid cabin in the woods. We stopped in Bellingham for gas and accidentally bought a sailboat. I know my next accidental adventure is out here somewhere but until it arrives ill
Continue a very slow and beautiful journey, destination unknown.

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