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It isn't often that we are presented with a situation that gives us a personal observation and introspection to have a stone cold epitome of every single moment of our life's condensed into a fraction of a life's of personal failures. Let's face it, I fucking hate nature!

I woke up to the very evident realization that this could easily be the last day of my life and who fucking cares. I'm a 49 year old chain smoking alcoholic on a plus bike riding the coast to a destination only madmen would consider. A sleepless night in the creepiest stealth camp I've ever set had me wide awake at 5 am as opposed to the other 10 hours of sleep deprivation I had just experienced. Every animal from Noah's arc came to visit me in the night to add to my tortured soul. The morning brought it all together like the last piece of a masterful puzzle FIRE!

Even in the early dark I could see the red sky, I coughed and choked. Either way I was 25 miles from anything resembling a town or something otherwise semi civilized. My choices were simple, north or south. I chose south, big mistake. The rising sun had me witness to something I haven't ever experienced out side of a hurricane. Mass pandaemonium, fear and anxiety in everyone. Drivers heading both north and south were crazed, traffic was nonstop. It's was like a heard of ants constantly bumping into each other, pandemonium. 15 miles down the road I found a gas station in the middle of nowhere with a one mile line of cars and so many people inside I couldn't walk through the door. The miles of hills and smoke, no shoulder and frantic people driving like maniacs wore me out, lungs bleeding I found a place without refuge. Were all trapped in the same place but hardly he same situation.

I woke up disheveled feeling a bit deprived and homeless. When I finally pulled into Bodega Bay everything changed. Thousands of people parked along the HWY with nowhere to go. All these secure people living secure life's, reduced to frightened children. I on other hand woke with no security but I have my tent and my stove and even scored a bit of food and grog before the local grocery was ransacked. I truly feel like the wealthiest man in the world simply because I'm prepared and trained and equipped to endure.

I can't say if I'll live to see the dawn or if this horrible fire will ransack my little oasis but no matter. I've always lived true to my self and deliberately and there is no price or time frame that can be put on our freedom. We have it till it's gone or we are, it's an act of faith…

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