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Freedom comes in many forms. It’s been a scooch over two years now since I’ve taken Sookie on a long journey. Somewhere out there the notion of sailing and freedom morphed into one singular definition. Walking through a small Canadian town in search of affordable cabbage and stove fuel the smell of cold beers and hot burgers was equal amounts of torture and temptation. By the time we got back to the boat that temptation was little more than a memory both for us and for the fortune ones consuming them. Beans and cabbage on the other hand, served with a warm beer from the cockpit of my tiny ship was the reward for keeping within our $400.00 a month budget. Sailing off at dawn to destinations unknown was no longer the dream but the reality.

There are a thousand ways to do it. While the folks over at Sailing La Vagabond have made their name through videos others like captain Fatty Goodlander and Lin land Larry Pardey made their way through writing and both in the beginning very hard work from port to port. Others like Bob Bitchin started magazines to find the dream. I have friends out there who worked their whole lives and now live off retirement while others have small reoccurring investments or incomes to keep the ball rolling.

Six years ago when Sookie came into my life my plan was simple, save 25k a year for five years and split. That never did happen, when the boat industry took a dunking I threw in the towel and sailed away without a single penny. I knew I wouldn’t get far but in this part of the world 5 miles may as well be 500. There are so many nooks and crannies to explore, the constantly changing weather and currents and moods of the ocean that one can never grow tired of sailing the Salish.

I haven’t in any way shape or form lost my love for these waters but all the pictures of the boat I may never own have sparked something in my brain, a deep desire to cast off the lines in search of warmer weather, clearer water and greater challenges that surely lie ahead on a journey of such magnitude. In having so much in this world, in being so close I still have to ask myself if I can afford it. Sookie needs lots of little things, I’m not talking fancy things but still she is an old boat in excellent condition. Her bits and pieces many of them original are tired.

Back to funding the expedition I have to remind myself that with the freedom money delivers the means can be a prison. I’m fortunate to be old, fat and ugly, no chance of YouTube or Instagram funding the journey. I’m overly fond of
My anonymity so writing for the big rags is off the list. I don’t believe in sponsors or sponsorship so that’s out as well. My brain is mush so doing it the old fashion way isn’t even worth attempting. Still there are always ways, things no one has thought of yet. Maybe I just have to go back to my old star fish method which is to find 5 small forms of income that equal almost enough income to not die.

The new boat which I’m not getting has a writing career built in but so does Sookie. A few videos here and there won’t kill me but I really prefer to keep all my eggs right here in one small basket. The biggest hurdle is my absolute love of two lifestyles that have absolutely nothing in common other that freedom and exploration. All my cyclist friends can’t see why I waste my time writing about sailing and my sailing friends, well…

Then there is the time factor. Seasons are short here both for sailing and for creating an income. Mid September locks the door on my cell and won’t unlock it till spring. Jail break is impossible during the winter so planning the big escape really comes down to timing. Having Sookie in the boat yard is killing me, I can’t work on her, I can’t live on her and I can’t sail her but if I don’t suck it up and do some major little upgrades I’ll never make it to distant waters which start just around the corner.

Sitting on the beach watching the sun kiss the lands I want to see I know I have to make some serious choices and commitments. I just don’t feel ready to give up what I have, to have what I’m giving up. The answers are all out there I just have to keep moving till I find them. Yes all first world problems and good ones at that.

What’s you method, I know it won’t work for me but knowledge is power…

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