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Another perfect sunrise ride, but what else would you expect from these islands.  I stuff Chika in the corner, strip off my salty Chlothes, make a piping hot cup of coffee and listen to the morning news. Its odd how the more money I have, the poorer I feel.  I guess when you have nothing to loose is when you experience the truest freedom in this world, I'm at a serious cross roads.

In hindsight my little Brompton would have made it just as far as my Surly Minus a few hundred Miles of Dirt.  It would have saved me 2K on the Front and another 1500 on the back.  The Brompton truly is the best all around touring bike and easily fits in my little boat.  Chika on the other hand is an Apocalypse bike and a nuclear explosion of fun. Try as I might I just cant fit her in the boat, even in a hundred pieces. Still none of this matters as she easily fits in my Tiny Home.  On the other hand the rent on the tiny home Is 3K a year which would easily pay for any Brompty on the planet. Not that its about money but it all adds up.

I love my new house and its only 50 yards from the boat, my work is 100 in the opposite direction but still I'm far too tempted to launch Sookie even though I've promised myself I wont till her bottom job is done in the spring. The sail quote came in and is easily affordable for all new sails.  I'm still waiting for the quote on the boom and Nylon mast track. My little Boat world is busy but so is my bike life and I've never been more torn.

Deep in the middle of a midlife crisis, I've had many and each one was amazingly fun in its own way but this one is different.  Seriously how many good summers remain in the log book, 10? 15? doesn't sound like much time left. I've been in the battle of attention between boats and bikes my whole life but now they are both anchors in their own way. I have it good here and very easy.  I could just spend my final glide path as a weekend warrior and do everything I want but deep down I know sooner or later my life will be Plus one and that opens the doors for long distance sailing, I just hope it happens before the universe has me wearing diapers and calling everybody laddey. Either way I've got to finish the boat now so we are both ready, willing and able.

Winter will be here at any moment so all I have to do is keep piling boat supplies and pray for an early spring, then again I could ship her south tomorrow and start the real work on her. Something about this quote resonates so much when I think about how much we take our youth and time for granted.

"When the last tree is cut down, the last fish eaten and the last stream poisoned, you will realize you cannot eat money." Cree Indians

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