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Standing on the foredeck of the ferry the cold nights wind blew straight through me. It feels like many years have passed since leaving this place. There was no conscious effort put into my escape, it was all instinct, pure survival and days lived off nothing more than Adrenalin. I haven’t had second to process any of this but now in the quiet darkness in the middle of the ocean the winds whispered into my ears and all the emotions of the last days rushed in.

For the first time since I ran out of money while on a decade long travel binge with Chloe I actually was smart enough to insure myself before setting off. I buried several thousand dollars in cash in the woods. My eyes opened with the sun, first order of business was to go see sookie but she was gone. I stood there blinking at a the now occupied spot where I left her, scanned the boatyard and nothing.

By 8 am I had secured a reasonable paying. Job, 12 hours a week at night , just enough to keep me alive and in free coffee, found Sookie and gave her a big hug and re established my little cabin. With nothing but time on my hands I’ve already started a boat list. First order is to pull her bowsprit, strip, reseal and paint. It doesn’t need it but that’s how I take care of her, always trying to stay ahead of it all. I have some tabbing to do and then install a new stove and custom v berth cushions. Looks like my work for the winter has already begun. My little 12 x 15 shed is warm and dry with a covered deck and will make a perfect indoor outdoor work shop.

I’m feeling rich, free and happy for all the world has given me. Another journey has come to a close and now its on to the next adventure whatever and wherever that may be. For now I’m time rich but the clock has already started ticking on my next journey. There is no amount of money that can buy these experiences, you will never have enough and you will never be ready. You simply have to untie the lines and go before it’s to late. As I was yet again painfully reminded life can change with the suddenness of a broken shoe lace.

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