But she is going to light up somebody’s life. If you can’t justify spending nearly double the amount of your bike on a good set of carbon wheels it’s ok, your simply not a cyclist. They have to be strong and light, stiff and agile with just the right stuff. Deep into my very frustrating search I found Grape Ape, or simply Ape as I’ve been calling her for now and knew just the person who needed 16.5” of cold hard steel to lighten their life.

Yes I can live without the upgrade, maybe some day I’ll find those magic wheels but I fear they simply don’t exist today. What does exist is a banging purple Karate Monkey with a pink bow all ready to be picked up, muddied up and ridden hard. Lucky is the soul who knows the magic of good old steel and rubber. As for me well Chika and I have been putting down some miles and while my legs are like two well oiled titanium pistons, my lungs are not making the cut. More slow miles, fresh air and lots of food that comes in its own wrapper.

I sent out a letter begging for company on the Baja Divide in January. Ape is a little bit of bribery but either way Im beginning to wonder if I’ll make it there or have to postpone being free again till the spring. My little tiny cabin is warm and dry and it’s nice to have a real kitchen and hot shower for now. I’m tweaking my Gear list, shaving a few grams and still have a full winter of projects lined up for Sookie just Incase I end up sailing to Alaska instead of riding there.

I put in an order for 5 cases of Butter Horn, my new favorite wine and ordered a new saddle. A trailer for Sookie is on the list so I can plop her over with a few of her sisters for a pile of the larger projects I have in mind. I won’t be wasting a single millisecond of my time as 2018 is the year of Ali, my birth name before I fucked everything up by being born in the wrong body.

Thats my boring life in a nutshell. One step forward, two steps back but it’s always a fun journey regardless of which way I’m headed. “Destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice”

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