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Years ago I created a board game by which through a series of questions and answers you would be tempted to hit the big red button destroying all of humanity. It never did sell, go figure. The only way to win the game was by hitting the big red button in which case you also lose. The whole exercise of the game is that you just can’t win, ever… still though it is all worth playin the game.

I’ve spent the last 24 hours in a bus with my ass or face glued to the toilet seat. By 9:30 I’ll be having a cold one at my local watering hole and yes it will be on the House.

Headed back to the one place I really don’t want to be I’ve started praying for the one thing I always pray against, snow! I’ve done the ski bum thing to death but with winter creeping in and my plus bike I’m ready to rock the local trails and there are many.

I’m 100% committed to selling the boat and moving to the mountains, well a nice mountain town where I can build a small in town flat because as I have said before, I hate nature. A sort of half way house where I can bang a few trails or hit slopes and be captain of my BBQ before the winter sun melts into my Bloody Mary.

With the exception of her saddle which is miserable hell Chika is flawless. 1000 miles on and off road and I think we are well bonded. Now the fun part, it’s BLING time. Time to add and subtract and make all the micro tweaks we chatted about over those many amazingly beautiful miles. As usual I’ve yet to
Mention virtually anything that actually happened on the trail but it’s all water under the bridge, it’s time to start banging nails and make her a comfy little home next to the wood stove. Chika is still on vacation but will be joining me in the islands soon enough, I feel so detached without her by my side.

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