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My threshold for pain is obviously quite small. It took me less than 60 seconds to strip my scanktified clothing off leaving a hazardous waste pile on the floor. Still though, it took over an hour and a half to actually climb into a piping hot bubble bath, something I've been fantasizing about for days. Layers of salt scrubbed from my body removing days of hardship, torture and pain till my pink naked body was as pure as the driven snow. I didn't bring any soap, shampoo or deodorant… not because I want to do without but because I want to live without.

The now 4 day long search for stove fuel had me hopelessly lost and turned a grouchy morning in town into a 70 mile heat stroked, head wind battle to my campsite which was closed for the season. All I can say is thank god for Olive, my cute bartender and savior. When I uttered the words I love you hear smile opened up and engulfed my soul. Salvation comes in many forms, on this day it started in a bottle but like I said, it comes in many forms.

For 16 straight days I keep promising myself a rest day, I've long since past the half way mark from Canada to Mexico. Taken a dirt side trip every day except for my day from hell and completed the most grueling and dangerous part of the coast, not that there aren't many challenges daily out here.

I've blown my body, my quads are mush and finding the strength to ride two passes today, the first one 1900 feet at dawn has come with a price. That price would be a very expensive hotel room and a $30.00 pizza. As of today I've stopped logging my budget which has been an easy $25.00 a day, $10.00 over my goal but hell, man cannot live on bread alone.

When my campsite went missing I was at my physical wall, the extra 2.8 miles almost killed me. A first world temper tantrum was in order as is the jacuzzi I'm about to visit for the second time now that I have a few ice cold double IPA's in hand. The day started with a good Oman, I found a crisp 20 on the side of the road. Life is good out here but at times lonely and isolating. I think that's why I tend to latch on so much when I do. Still there are no plans for a rest day but the next 5 will be very short yet challenging with lots of personal care and some good dirt time for Chika.

I'm feeling good for the most part, managing my ITB but it is bad and mostly just finding my groove. With my full time double vision the constant shoulder-less conditions have been a real struggle and I constantly ask myself why I chose this route over another. Basically there is one white line at the base of my tire, it opens up as it extends down the road creating a giant V shape. All I have to do is stay in the V. Throw this all out on Bridges where my vertigo has me at the brink of a fear induced stroke the entire time. To date there have been about 100 bridges including he highest on the west coast. Being so lost, so often has me rethinking a solo attempt at the divide and now I don't know where or how to spend my winter but none of that matters because there are many miles of road ahead of me, many more challenges and many more chance encounters I know 😜

Chika is a machine and while I'm constantly thinking about or changing out my gear choices, she is as she was the day I left perfect, although I think I've somehow wrecked her bottom bracket. Pizza time :).

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