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I hobble to the boat yard and let out a sigh of disgust.  Once again they have stolen the ladder I stole from them.  I need to get at my tools to do some tests on the fittings before I leave for Hawaii. I’m greeted with Christmas music when I walk into the bar, it isn’t even thanksgiving and it feels so alien. Two years ago in Maui my thanksgiving was spent on the beach with my adopted kitty Punani, the weather today is almost the same.  It got up to 65 and is incredibly balmy. Walking around the West Wing shirtless and barefoot while Christmas carols were playing was a bit surreal.  It was back then that I got the silly idea of sailing Sookie there to finish her projects uninterrupted with its year round perfect weather.

Winter seems to be a miss and I’m praying for one of our world famous no winter winters which is why I’m desperately close to splashing Sookie.  If there is a science to underwater metal performance I don’t know it but I’m in the middle of determining if they can take another year before replacement. I’m still going to carry all the parts with me but the instillation will have to wait, maybe. The seller of my first trailer has vanished without a trace. a friend sent me a link that was less than a day old for a trailer from a Falmouth Cutter less than 40 miles away. it had been used one time to get the boat home then blocked and tarped essentially a brand new trailer, that guy has vanished as well, which is a shame because it was $4,000.00 cheaper.

Its expected that whenever I get into a major financial undertaking that it wont take long for the money carousel to start swinging out of control. This doesn’t perplex me at all, I just keep jumping from place to place, the term finished when pertaining to a boat will Never be realized, still it encompasses all projects large and small. A lot of stuff bouncing around in my head. if my knee doesn’t get better soon Im going to cut it off and get a peg like Tristian Jones…

The saga of this wayward sailor continues. Nothing exciting, no complaints, just keep putting one foot forward and wait and see which wins out for the year between the bike and the boat.  Its good to have a plan B, now where did I hide that bottle of scotch.

We had to heave to a couple of days in gale force winds and seas, but the Falmouth Cutter
comes through once again…Two reefs in the main, lash the helm to lee slightly and go
below. The mainsail area is so far aft on the cutter that reefed way down and in high wind
and seas, it hasn’t the horse power to tack you through the wind. There is no need to back
the staysail to stay in the hove to attitude. Pardey’s rap in Serrafin’s Oriental Adventure and
The Self Sufficient Sailor on storm tactics and heaving to is very appropriate to the
Falmouth Cutter. On the trip from Hawaii to Puget Sound in May and June 1986, about
500 miles out from Cape Flattery, Washington we found ourselves in the true gale with
sustained winds above 40 knots and seas so high you wouldn’t believe me. I had to
heave to with storm trysail. The double reef was just too much and we were knocked down
a time or two before I wised up. I have a trysail on a separate track ready to hoist, but I
don’t like it! I let my sail maker, Kern talk me into it, but had to do over, I would put a 3rd reef
in the main and use that. It’s too much work getting the main furled and into the gallows, then
rigging and hoisting the try. Falmouth Cutter News

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