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I have friends in high places, low places and every place in-between. Each in our own way were doing what we can to the best of our ability’s with what we have.  One friend left Washington with $500.00 and managed to circumnavigate the entire Pacific Rim.  Another left San Francisco with a 10 year kitty and never made it past San Diego. My goals are humble, I just want to make it back north to Desolation Sound, easy enough in any boat.  For the most part I’ve had the Brakes on ever since I bought this boat.  I’ve been paying, and paying, and paying and no I wasn’t paying for the boat..  well. I’m officially free of my indentured servitude, we all get a bad roll of the dice every one in a while.

Just 2 years ago after returning from Hawaii I was so poor that while I had some food I couldn’t afford stove fuel so I pretty much lived off of cold beans right out of the can.  I went to the local coffee store asking for coffee grounds for my garden, I was too embarrassed to tell the truth. I would filter those old grounds through a cycling sock with warm water from the bathrooms, it was shit but I enjoyed it because its all I had. I was literally on the verge of starvation and even rented Sookie out as an Air B&B one night out of desperation. This went on and on but eventually I crawled out.  I knew the exact date I would be given my freedom so through little more than attrition I pulled though.  This has been going on for so many years I don’t want to think about. I could have built a custom BCC for what I have been pilfered of, its been my quiet secret for many years and now little more than a distant painful memory.

Freedom is something I’m having to reacquaint myself with. It feels so odd to earn money and get to keep it and yes, I’m feeling mighty wealthy these days but it isn’t the small infusion of financial freedom, its that the monkey has been lifted off my back.  I felt like I was carrying the weight of the world, shackled to the old ball and chain.  but now my toes barley touch the ground as I float through.  I have so many options and opportunites I honestly don’t know how to choose.  It was a shit rainy day so rather than spend it all freezing on Sookie I pulled out my Nav books for a little day dreaming.  I counted the miles from Washington non stop to Banderas Bay for a pit stop and then again straight around the Horn to the Amazon. We are having a mild El Nino which means not to many Hurricanes in the Pacific this year. With a little luck I could make it to the safety of Nicaragua with out being trounced by those nasty little wind beasts. Foolish thinking yes but that’s what fantasies are for.

I emailed a friend just for fun do you think its safe to sail Sookie around the Horn?  “absolutely”  Wanna go? HELL NO!!! I tucked my books back into their sleeve and pulled out my giant rolls of paper charts, time to end the fantasy and spend a bit of time on reality.  Winter in the boat yard is a miserable place to be but I guess its time for some long term maintenance. Its good to know our own limitations and even better when we can share them with all of those with all of those around us regardless of what our currents means add up to.  I found the video above and was so stoked to finally find someone I can relate to when it comes to boat size…

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