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A huge low is forming off the coast. Sky is grey, raindrops hang in the balance not quite ready to form as it patiently waits for its constant companion the wind. A gale is brewing out there, perhaps one is brewing in here are well. How the hell do people live on land, it doesn’t move right.
My grandfather was 16 when he lost his farm during the Great Depression. One of the many things I learned from him is that you can always make do, no matter how little you have to work with.

My one year with nothing but a “35” 50mm EQ lens is coming to an end. For me nothing ruins my creativity faster than a zoom. I prefer to shut my brain off and let my half blind eye do the painting. I’ve been spoiled by its super fast aperture and light weight. I’m thinking of adding 17 or 18. It’s a fine line when going wide not to distort reality. I have neither the budget nor the desire to go full frame. In my opinion the little D7200 is a true workhorse and one of the best cameras Nikon has ever come out with. My primary function is photography, an online network keeps me in at least one portrait session a month which is about as much as I can take. Spontaneous candids is where my creative soul is centered.

None of this matters as both my iPad and camera are lost in the mail but they will return soon enough. For now I’ll have to remember the lessons grandfather taught me and this old iPhone can get it done well enough for now. The universe keeps teaching me to think differently but my mind is stubborn. I have my new boots rated to -40, three down jackets, 2 scarves, my follies and a pile of wool expedition weight socks. I’ll still be cold but I just can’t take the indoors.

The price on the trailer is very reasonable but shipping it here nearly doubles it. Shipping east will triple the cost but I’m desperate for change, desperate to make progress on the boat and more or less just desperate. I have it too easy here and that is never a good thing. Last night I pulled an OCD research all nighter, made more lists, added and subtracted zeros. I’m not any closer to anywhere but it kept my mind at bay.

I few checks arrived in the mail, I put them into a pile, for once money isn’t the problem, it’s time and distance. The sun is almost ready to rise, my coffee is as dark as my mood. Stolen dance by milky chance pops up, I crank my speaker and muppet out letting the beat drown my soul with hope. I remember back to when I was cast as a 70s disco dancer in Austin Powers. I love auditions, you get to completely let loose. There was no chance I wouldn’t be cast, not because I’m a good dancer, I’m not. I got the roll because of my constant ability to let loose if everything and dive into the moment.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. ~Michelangelo

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