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Gudgeons, that’s the girlie parts in case you are wondering, pintles are the boys parts, it all makes sense now right? The boy part goes inside the girl part and they fit together perfectly, sailing is sexy. The very first time I saw Sookie, back then she had no name, this was a big red flag. Well shit, those aren’t going to work., thought to myself. I had looked at and sailed many Falmouth Cutters and up until this point none of them sang to me. Sookie was different, she was exactly what I was looking for. Now six years later they are really starting to cause concern. Before I can install my new wind vane I need to re engineer these things. My quote for bronze from Port Townsend Foundry was $1200 back then, now it’s above $1600.

My options are to remove and re fabricate what I have, maybe $600-1000 bucks. To install the bronze ones that I prefer will be a little more. On top of the P&Gs I will need to fill 24 holes, drill 24 new ones. Have new rudder cheeks made and cut three slots out of the rudder so I can move it closer Inboard. Oh and fill that damn prop cut out cha Ching. My overly optimistic mind says 6k no problem. Of corse I can’t get that shit done on this island and while I’ve done some pretty extensive fiberglass work in the past my finish work leaves something to be desired. When I say something I really mean everything.

That’s ok just write a check and while I’m at it I can finally strip her bottom and install her new thru hulls, I can do that for myself for $2500 bucks. Yep they call it yachting for a reason. You see all those boats held together by a shoe string and this is why, yachting is damn expensive.

I’ve actually found a trailer for sale and it’s a perfect fit. It’s 1000 miles away and I don’t know the price yet but the stars are surely starting to align. I’ve calculated my total minimum at about 25k I think I can do that by August if the wheel of fortune keeps rolling for me. That isn’t anything fancy, just stuff to bring her back to date. I know a guy that just spent pennies under a million bucks refitting his 10 year old 50 footer. All of the sudden sookies relative small size is starting to look pretty ok. So that’s this years work load. Next years will be much more fun and with a little luck it will all happen in Florida 🙂 It may sound like a lot but I knew exactly what I was getting into when I took over stewardship of a boat that has less than 25 sisters floating about the world.

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