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When I was 8 years old my parents pulled us out of school to do some traveling. We went everywhere and did everything. I remember dragging my huge pile of books through a dozen airports, then it happened. The morning cold and dark, still hours before sunrise, everything covered in frost. Hours later I would step off a plane and discover where my soul was born to be.

85 degrees and balmy, the wind blew through my hair, the water near the temperature of my blood and the color of my eyes. I explored the islands by water propelled by my fins with nothing but a dollar tucked into my little blue mankini just in case I got hungry. I discovered every beach, learned to climb and pic coconut and fell in love with island living. Sugar white sand followed me everywhere I went. Salted on my well tanned little butt cheeks, it covered my feet and squished through my toes, I wore more sand than clothes. That feeling of dried salt water on the skin has forever reminded me of those wonderful days of island living, the time in my life where I committed to spending the rest of my days on this planet exploring every inch of every island I could dig my bare toes into.

Somewhere on that journey I announced to my parents that I wouldn’t be returning home with them to the states. I would live off coconut and fish and sleep in a hammock till I could find an honest days pay for an honest days work. That I was going to dedicate my life to the sea and live simply and humbly in a fashion that respects the earth and all of its natural treasures. Well you can imagine how that went…

It’s thanksgiving today, I’m spending it alone by choice, fasting for 24 hours by choice and working on my body and my boat. The day will be spent in complete silence so I can be alone with my thoughts and travel through the memories of the one and only journey I’ve ever made. It started in the eyes of an innocent child and has continued as a never ending journey.

I have three heaters cranked in my little island cabin, I’m wearing nothing but my bare feet and mankini. When the sun goes down I’ll walk to the edge of the world and dive in signaling the end of my fast. My feast will be a giant salad with home made dressing and a bit of vegan chocolate for dessert. I have literally thousands of people swimming though my head and this is to wish each and every one of you all the world has to offer and a happy holidays. I hope you all find the time for a bit of quiet contemplation and thanks giving for the fortune this world has offered you.

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