Tonight I threw my heart into the universe. This little rescues name is Windy,, a natural born sailor. Don’t know if I’ll be the lucky one buts it’s never really up to us, you can’t choose love.

Every night lately I’ve been having the most vivid dreams about Chloe. I figured it was because I was dying but I’m still here so I can’t figure it out. Being so close to the fires, yet so far from a real road really fucked my brain up. Convincing a rescue to hand over a precious soul is never an easy thing. You do what you can and hope the pup finds a warm safe home with lots of love and snacks.

Once again I’m sitting on the edge of a 180 degree u-turn. I’ve already timed how long it takes to walk to the vet, plugged an emergency vet in my phone and started shopping for beds and puppy chow. Dog toys are almost as much fun for me as the pup but still haven’t figured out why they love the stick so much. This sailor is ready to start a family…

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