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A steel tape, sharpened pencil, my sketchbook and a pile of cardboard to mock up small changes and the possible instillation for a wood burning stove. This is how my week started and how it will end. The night was spent shopping drones and I’m pretty smitten with the Karma drone why a drone? Why not!

When the economy tanked I spilt to go do a bit of sailing leaving Sookies refit on hold. It’s finally time to get back at it. Half will be done by me and half will be done by Cape George who is building the Falmouths. A quick scan on Yacht World showed 2 for sale and man the prices on these things have really dropped which is a bit surprising to me. It’s clear I won’t get my money back from the refit but with sailboats it’s never about the money, it’s about the experience.

She is perfectly fine as she is but all the little things will be done once and for all. The most exciting part will be a new water tank under her cabin sole which will be replaced with bare teak floor boards. There is also a useless space in her aft bilge where I could add an additional 15 gallons glassed over and move her two group 31 batteries foreword about three feet. Currently they are built into a shelf under the the aft end of the cockpit footwell. Sookie could roll 360 degrees and these things won’t move an inch or take a single drop of water. On a small boat every single inch must be given careful consideration.

For fun I’ve decided to add 285’ of 5/16 grade 4 chain which will be stored in the empty cavity at the base of her mast. This and the water tanks will add an effective 600 pounds of ballast as all the weight will be placed centerline directly on top of her 2500 pound lead keel. If the balance is off I’ll slowly remove sections of chain till I find a perfect balance. I have no idea how I’ll actually pull the chain off the bottom.

As much as I love my Rocna I’m in the process of writing Spade anchors a letter to see if they will make me a 25 pound anchor so I can do a proper review of the spades performance vs the Rocna It’s a widely held belief that the spade is the best all around anchor on the market. I’ll post my letter and response her. It should be pretty interesting as I have a way with words for companies that piss me off.

When entering into a major refit like this a serious amount of time and planing should be put into the actual costs and the cost verse value of each addition. The one thing I know is that other than Sookie there are only two boats on the planet earth that I would consider, the 26’ Falmouth Cutter and the 28’ Bristol Channel Cutter. There were only 9 of the 26’s produced in Fiberglass and I’ve yet to find a 28 that I can obtain. Rather than waste my time with budgets I’ve decided there will be no limit. She will get the best and I’ll continue till I’m satisfied.

If I can finish her steering before April 15th we’ll go on a quick 75 day voyage north and then straight to Port Townsend which will be her new home base. For now it’s lots of measuring and cutting of templates. I’m moving incredibly slowly on each new purchase making sure I’ve found the perfect solution to each modification. Sookie has always been a proper home, she just needs a bit of spit and polish.

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