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The kids on sailing La Vagabond have literally ruined my life. Their cat an Outremer is an absolute masterpiece, the use of space is far beyond any cat design I’m aware of. I watch theirs and many other sailing videos to pass the long lonely nights of winter and fall deeper and deeper in love with all aspects of this modern ship. Coming from a serious traditionalist and small boat sailor this is a huge alteration in thoughts.

I’m blessed to be surrounded by dozens of blue water sailors with a combined bagillion sea miles. It’s always fun when we gather around the bottle for sea talk. Sometimes we talk about the weirdness of the sea like when a whale completely lifted a friends Crealock 37 from the sea. Another was tormented by a pod of pilot whales who kept false charging him. If your unaware no glass boat will survive being rammed by a pilot whale. Usually though we talk about sail configurations, navigation, ground tackle systems and boat designs, we all do it very differently and each in our own way has perfected the lot.

This summer when I got to sail a giant cat I was smitten with every single aspect. Sailing Sookie is like being on a magic carpet ride, that big cat was like having our own island. It made electricity from the sun, water from the sea and had multiple hot showers. The indoor helm station was insane. I felt more like I was piloting the space shuttle than sailing this rocket ship. We circumnavigated San Juan island and in the straits I got to sail her in lots of wind and water, I don’t know how to describe the level of comfort we were experiencing, it was just pure magic. I swear I’d sail one of those things everywhere.

Yes a cool mil will get one of these dream ships, hell they look fast just Sitting at the dock. Far out of my range I know, way more than I’d want to sail solo which I very reluctantly do, I just get lonely and quite frankly bored when I’m not able to share the sail.

Back to all my blue water buddies, when the talk of a potential voyage to the South Pacific comes up and I can assure you it’s only talk… they think I’m insane. The BCC displaces twice that of the FC but is still only 28’ long and 14,000 lbs, a mere spec on the sea yet triple the size of Sookie by comparison. None of this matters as my only current plans are for gunk holing and tripping around the inside passage. Easy sailing, amazingly protected Anchorage’s and an endless supply of coastline to explore, but still… those far off distant lands continue to call my name. Yes they have ruined my life and I will eternally hate them for it 😉
PS, I love you guys 🙂

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