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Last night I was in the verge of deleting this blog, selling all my media tools and falling off the face of the earth. Then it happened I got one of the nicest letters in the world reminding me while I may truly be hard aground that this story does matter and to more than just to me. Being trapped in the boatyard sucks butt, waiting sucks butt, all of this is shit. I’m not good at planning things I’m good at doing them. Honestly I don’t know how people do it, plan shit that is. I guess I just have a weak tolerance for waiting. It’s really starting to dig into my soul, having been trapped for so long and now that I’m free I can’t go anywhere.

Last year I took over 5000 pictures of Sookie, I often forget how closely tied I am to my camera but now those old images are all I have. I devour them zooming in on little areas I need to work on so I can study them intimately. I’ve been ordering parts solely based off these images and memory. If my metal guy comes through I’ll have the windvane finished by the end of the year and in case your not counting tomorrow is December 1st. I’m literally going mental on how to do this right. According to my current log I owe Sookie 40k in upgrades but have less than half of that in savings. A writer friend of mine keeps suggesting that I set off on a circumnavigation collecting and restoring Sookie along the way. She’s certainly sea worthy enough as she sits and comfy enough as she sits and ready and able. The thing is I don’t really have any desire to do it. It’s a lot of work and really expensive.

It has crossed my mind to bop down to So Cal for a year to get some work done but the trip north feels a Little depressing even with the vane to merely steer the whole way. It could be a good excuse to stop by Hawaii but it’s windy as hell there in early spring. No matter because I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. My little cabin has turned into a boat shop and I can’t decide which part comes in next, the rudder the bowsprit.

This thing is pretty straight foreword and should be easily installed. All the little threaded plastic parts are rotted and will be replaced with machined stainless parts, I think. I don’t even know what type of vane this is but they have been out of business for many years. I’ve been busy playing with each part and it really seems like the best my budget can provide for me. Strong, simple and hopefully reliable.

I scan though the web searching but can’t seem to find a clear image of the actual instillation of this thing. I had the same issues with my new stanchion installation but just made it up as I went and they are solid as a rock, the neat thing about the trim tab is that if I ever did install an auto pilot it steers the tab rather than the rudder and has a crazy low electric draw. The reason I’ve never added one of these is because while I do use the motor I despise it and the electric pilot is only necessary while under auxiliary so I intentionally torture myself to induce patience under sail. If you could get the average sailor to tell the truth I’d guess they motor more than every 7 of 10 hours, nothing wrong with this, just not my thing.

The head scratching continues as does the shit miserable weather. I work through each individual project and while the frustration with my stagnation continues I thank my lucky stars that at least I’m close to Sookie. Still no luck with the yard moving her or the boat who’s mast is in serious jeopardy of crushing her. If one of the only 4 remaining fittings fail my cruise is over right here in the boatyard.

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