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Holy crap that was quick. I snapped out of it like being smacked across the face with a 2×4. Lists, lists, priorities, procedures.  I went through the whole boat preparing her for her when ever the hell she will launch.  Everything was devided into; before launch, after its warm enough to set up adhesives, in the water and wherever we may be. Eff not having a trailer, Eff the water-less, electicity-less boat yard and Eff winter. The dinghy isn’t coming anytime soon, not one truck on this island I can borrow.  Ok, get engine ready to launch.  Unsure about worth of windvane, ok figure that shit out and sell it if it’s ghetto. Still questioning worth of windlass which means I’m still questioning my sanity. And the little things, holy mother of nickel and dimming to death to my secret stash of F/U money.

Sure, yep, uh hump I’ve reached my breaking point on land, I just want to fall asleep nestled to the dock but all the leeward spaces are taken, no worries, we’re still on dry land. I cleaned and prepped my engine for its annual service which I’ll give it when I have a good no rain day.  It has exactly 5.43 hours on it and remarkably started to sputter and stall when I was heading towards the hydro lift to haul her, I had bigger fish to fry so once she was safely tucked in I wrapped her up and split.  Going through the WTF senereos of why this is happening I first check to make sure I had drained the carb, I always do this if I’m not using at least once a month, bone dry. next I checked the oil level, bingo. Who was the F-tard who over filled it???  Hummm, must have been me, another of the joys of being blind as a bat.  I’m sure that’s what it was.

Off to Chandlery to buy lower unit oil 🙁 everything but what I need, check lockers for engine oil, score :)+< I pulled both my bosuns bags which carry every tool I have used when I completely took this boat apart and put her back together so I know I have the proper tool for the job, any job.

Yummi, nothing like a clean, well oiled machine to work on, clean enough to eat off of. I grabbed all my boxes of fasteners and parts boxs and made my way back to the boat shed to make my lists of what I need for the rest of the week. Lots of people carry piles and piles of spares, I carry very few as there quite literally are almost none I could or ever would need. I do carry lots of things that tend to get dropped  overboard like fasteners and tools, the only thing I don’t have other than a kickass machette is a good wire cutter as I’m getting ready to do some new rigging this is on the list.

Armchair cruisers and in inexperienced sailors will tell you, you need a good wire cutter, although they always mistakenly say bolt cutter, there is a huge difference Incase your rig comes down to get it away form the boat. Tip of the day. I can walk around the boat and pull every rigging pin faster than superman can cut one shroud on a heaving deck. Tip 2 should that actually happen A) it’s all your fault and B) your gonna want that stick on deck if your planning on getting home.

It wasn’t all work though, A close inspection of all my fittings showed that all was well but a little polish is for sure in order. My now Almost 7 year old rigging is still in perfect order, I pulled one of the mechanical fittings and sure am glad I added internal sealant, the metal inside is as new as the day we spliced them all. I’ll never forget that day, I was paying $190.00 an hour for the crane and they kept trying to hurry me.  I stopped what I was doing and politely reminded them that unless their service was free I would take as much time as needed to do it right the first time.

The weather is perfect and I’m praying it stays that way, cold yes but not as cold as it’s been.  I postponed tearing apart the ceiling boards that line the hull of Sookies v-berth but that one is still high on my list as is making the whole boat upsidown proof. One of these days I’ll give a step by step guide on how to knock a boat down and keep it down.  My sailing friends thank that this impossible and that they will round up.  I can assure you that it is very possible if you fuck everything up just right.

If she doesn’t feel like a home she’s not but Sookie is dry and clean and all ready for me to move aboard for our short hops that will have me hauling her again, unloading and reloading repeat as necessary. A night job in Port Townsend would be my dream come true but I’m not broke yet, although I am doing my damdest job to ensure more endentured servitude in the very near future.

I just want to rip these tarps off but with no water to clean her they are reducing half the Moss growth that is a PNW winter nightmare.  I’m all alone in the lodge, I have the whole bar to myself. Sinatra is playing somewhere in the background. The lights are all dim, the smell of fresh Madron in the fire. My soul is burning brightly tonight and my only decision is to stay a few more hours or close up shop and head to the boathouse.

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