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I’ve always wanted a creeper van, you know the kind, Hey! the seventies called and they want their van back. A plush velour interior in deep red, shaggy balls lining the tinted windows and my own DJ scratching bow chick bow wow! Nearly ten years into my boycott of cars and very happily I might add, I’ve put creeper van on the top of my list. Sookie at some point is going to need to be completely emptied and I need a ride to somewhere in Florida with all my crap.  Some people think that bitcoin is the way to go and I should mention if you got out at 16K swing by and I’ll buy you a celebratory beer. I on the other hand have decided to invest in Heavy metals and I’ve got a bloody fortune of uninstalled bronze from PTF. smooth shiny, Ummm paper weights at this point but they sure are shiny, purdy… 🙂

About the time I had carried the 60lb box exactly as far as I could I started to remember why I took the old one off, this thing is effing heavy. Just for fun I did a bit of research, I don’t know exactly how old this brand new hunk of bronze is but somewhere between the 60’s and 80’s.  adjusted for inflation from 1985 this puppy would come in at a hair under 6K today. The internal gears haven’t even been oiled yet. Huh, i wonder if they even need it.  It turns smooth as butter.

Nothing in this world is perfect and it came with an untapped set screw, easy enough to remedy.  Its also missing the chain cap and brake clutch but again PTF to the rescue and I even have a friend right next door with my old windlass to make the patters.

I’m still undecided if its even going on the boat but as I’m making her ready for the south pacific its all part of the game. I have zero intention of taking her to the south pacific. either way the insanity continues and this gem is honestly too beautiful to put on a boat.

I cant even imagine what it was like back in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s walking around marine chandleries filled to the brim with quality fittings.  Modern boats seem so devoid of character with their fake wood and cheap stamped fittings. I trace my finger around this relic and am transported to a time when sailing was about the sea, not microwaves, triple over-sized anchors and a fully enclosed cockpit.  I guess I’m just feeling a bit nostalgic for my paper charts which are all coming off the boat tomorrow so I can put them in order and fill in the gaps.  I’m pretty sure I have every one all the way around Vancouver Island and surrounding areas except for the crossing from Nanaimo to Pender Harbor.

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