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Breaking point… I walk down to the shore to enjoy the purist treasure the island has to offer. I’ve traveled the world and I know of no place that has more beautiful sunsets than this little island.  My mood is dark and gloomy so I extract all the coler to match the way I fell inside. A battle is raging, I’m supposed to fly off to Maui in less than two weeks but I haven’t booked my ticket, packed a bag or committed fully to the color of sand i want to live with. Costa Rica and Bali are fighting for my excperince and I’m completely non commital. Dawn brings frost to my world, an eerie fog pulses and flows, the air has been so stagnant that strange droplets of water linger long enough that mold has started to grow on them.

There are times when I get so frustrated with lack of progress that I contemplate selling the boat and flying to England to find an old Vertue and dip my toes into the Atlantic.  I Have sailed most of both coasts I have to say the Atlantic is far more Pacific than the Pacific. I have Tortola weather on my my iPhone as that’s where I plan to swallow the hook, plug into a dock and spend each and every winter but those 83 degree balmy winds are so far eluding me. The humm of my little heater, the twang of haliards slapping in the boatyard and the occasional cry of an eagle soaring over my head.  I try and see though the eagles eyes always looking down, I need this perspective now more than ever.

I know this young couple, they left Canada a month ago and now are in the Bahamas on thier little sailboat, it’s all that close and that easy. I have to remind myself that most people would kill for the month of travel I just had. Now little more than a distant memory, it doesn’t even seem real anymore. There are no days of the week, no Fridays and no weekends.  When your free you don’t need these things. I spend an hour a day scanning the entire state of Florida for a nice little second floating home in my never ending quest for endless summer. Maybe I just need to step off a plane in Sarasota and see what happens.

I’ve cut myself off from Stormy savings bank. Pulling so much out with out putting any back in feels like I’m robbing myself of my future. My $300.00 budget for a go pro climbed to nearly 10k as I kept rationalizing little upgrades and formats, seriously I almost pushed the button when I caught myself and was like WTF are you doing.  I’m now using just my iPhone and have been having lots of fun learning the ins and outs of filming on my phone. It’s suprising how much power this little thing yields, I’m writing a letter to Kim Komondo for technical guidance. At the end of the day all I really want to do is make little shorts of the life less traveled. For now it’s me and my little pocket film studio while I wait to hear from my Digital Goddess

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