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Somewhere out there eating up the pacific coast, a grass roots bike company contacted me offering a free loaner of their newest titanium gravel bike. My simple 4 word response, thanks but no thanks. When I’m on tour I don’t have anything on the brain other than being a 6 year old, chasing pirates and searching for treasure. I prefer to be semi lost at all times and can’t be bothered with anything other than enjoying nature to the best of my ability while dodging logging trucks, grandpa in his first motor home, good thing he opted for the 50 footer, teenagers on cell phones and drunken tourists.

An invitation for a glass of wine turned into an all night private rave. Techno thumping, hips bumping, walls shaking and a fierce shuffle dance off. Clothes soaked with sweat flung all over the place, we literally danced our asses off. Two days later I woke and was sore everywhere. I was like OMG why am I so sore and then I remembered, Holy crap I actually got exercise, a lot ;). An hour of angry yoga and I was out the door with Chika. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’ve healed but I bombed the island on and off road.  I cant even begin to describe how good the wind in my hair felt, it was as close to flying as hucking myself off a giant cliff. I had to stop a few times to stretch and recover but I am feeling like I’ve more than passed the hump, enter the dragon…

I while back a friend of mine asked me to cycle the T.A.T. with her in May.  I’m not as good of a cyclist as her “by a long shot” but apparently I’m really fun to travel with. She used to accuse me of riding slow so I could stare at her ass all day, which I do. Now that we’ve been on and off ride buddies for almost 10 years she still accuses me of the aforementioned habit but also has come to realize that I’m just plain and simply a lazy old gimp.  The 5000 mile Trans American Trail was designed for dual sport motor bikes but can just as easily be done on a bicycle. Since returning from CA I’ve really dialed Chika and my gear in.  I’ve shaved about 5 pounds, done many clothing upgrades and dropped some things that didn’t carry their own weight.

Just in case you’ve been wondering about her name.  Specifically she was named after one of my Japanese born Hawaiian girlfriends…

Urban Dictionary Chika’s are very short boys/girls that are “cute” and considered awesome. They are very smart and mostly are found with friends. They are atheletic and are always trying to entertain their friends. They take on any challenge given to them especially by their friends. Chika’s are rare, loyal creatures but often dont have a mate …

My real conflict is that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. If I take a 90 day summer contract I can drop 20K in the bank. On the other hand I’m constantly reminding myself that life can end at any given second, to not pursue the things that I’m so passionate about is like throwing away a million dollars, ie only a complete fucking moron would do that. I have my youth even if I am knocking at the crusty old gates of 50. I’m sexy AF, free as a bird and mainlining on it. Years ago I was doing an interview for a money magazine, they asked about me dropping out of college to pursue life, my short answer covered the rag. When I dropped out of college my friends mocked me, now they all work for me…

I live for the freedom, ride for the freedom, sail for the freedom
Die for the freedom, family of Cuba, all for the freedom
That’s why all the opportunities, me lo como, I eat ’em
Global dominance, known through all,
Seven continents I flirt with the earth
She loves when I whisper in her ear and pull up a skirt,
What a dirty girl

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