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They say that the two happiest days of a boaters life are the day they buy their boat and the day they sell their boat.  Well I’m not a boater, I’m a sailor.  If there was any way I could keep Sookie and still build Big Sookie I would, this is tearing me to pieces but the stars have aligned.  Today I got the email I was waiting for with exactly how much the new boat is going to cost.  As soon as I regained consciousness I pushed the button, its a go. I’m not a tire kicker, a dreamer or a schemer, when I want something I dive in and make it happen.  There is no amount of money worth loosing the best days of our lives.

As soon as I can fully unload Sookie, find a car and pack it I’m leaving this place to create the greatest boat for me on the planet earth. Am I scared? Hell yes I am, this is so far out of my league I don’t know where to begin but I will rise to the occasion even if it means scrubbing toilets on night shift between my two full time jobs of building this boat and paying for it. I’m often accused of being a trustafarian for being able to live my life the way I do.  The simple truth is that I’m not, I have big desires and desire them enough to bring them to fruition regardless of what walls may come my way.

So whats my secret then? start by reading the Richest Man in Babylon, follow by reading Your Money Or Your Life.  Finish with You Can Negotiate Anything and stop waiting for other people to fund your dreams.  Get out there work your ass off and reap the rewards.

“Give a man a choice of gold or wisdom, he will most likely go for gold. The next day, he begins to wail because he has no more gold” ~George Samuel Clason

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