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They say there is no such thing as a prefect sailboat, I have to disagree… Nearly ten years ago I had the great fortune of brokering what in my opinion is the finest sailboat to roam the planet. She was old and had been sailed hard with a little neglect in the process. I’ve touched every inch of that boat from the tip of her mast to the bottom of her keel. She sails like a dream and turns heads everywhere she goes. Each year her restoration has come along amazing, transforming her without really transforming anything. I’m tired of fixing and restoring old boats. I’ve decided to buy a brand new hull and deck and finish her my way, this journey has been a long time coming.

I’ve calculated that if I sell everything I own on the planet, get a ton of writing projects and work 16 side jobs I can have the new Sookie launched within 18 months of today! She will be every bit as strong and simple and beautiful just a few feet longer and wider. A lifetime of experience will go into this little boat and I’m sure the finer parts will be finished over the rest of My life but she will Launch and set sail before hurricane season 2019.

She will carry no more and perhaps even less luxury than Sookie, to keep costs down I’m thinking all kerosene lighting, zero electricity, a sextant, paper charts and no thru hulls beneath the waterline. She will have one battery and very small solar panel to keep my iPad and camera rolling. Her interior, simple comfortable and workable. My new dinghy will fit perfectly on the dog house, and the windlass on her sprit. All teak will be left bare and salt scrubbed. Tall bulwarks and stanchions will make her wide decks secure and believe it or not this boat will have a real diesel engine. Every inch will be adorned in bronze from her port lights to her terminals.

I’ve dedicated every second of my adult life studying, maintaining, Sailing and loving traditionally designed sailboats. It’s my time to take stewardship of the finest boat ever to ply the seven seas. I can’t do this alone and I know many hands will be involved in the process, I’ll do my best to document the whole journey but for now it’s hurry up and wait for wire instruction so I can get the ball rolling. In the meantime I will be staying in the islands to scrimp and save and enjoy my last 10 months in this little island paradise before moving to the mainland to continue this most excellent adventure.

From the log of Sookie. I’ll be broke before the new year but never as poor as those souls who leave their dreams collecting dust in the furthest corner of the attack of their mind.

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