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If I had a dollar for every time I’ve accidentally referred to Sookie as Seraffyn I’d be a wealthy man. I spent 30 years of my youth chasing that boat always believing that she was meant to be both my master and servant while I held custodian duties on her. Eventually Sookie would be passed to me and from that point foreword Seraffyn took a back seat to my very good fortune.  They say Seraffyn is the boat that launched a thousand dreams and would always be the boat that got me to sell my Cal 40 and turn an eye towards prudent sailing. I’ve always referred to it as Pardey Hardy as while none of their boats were overly glamorous they were quite sophisticated in their simplicity. Put me in the left seat of a Gulfstream G550 and I want mission control at my fingertips. Sailing on the other hand when done right which it rarely is falls under the purist code. The code of the sailor, a skipper who needs no engine, or any form of electronics to find their way safely and quite comfortably from port to port.

Back in the day that’s all I ever wanted, a small wooden boat on a tiny tropical island, a thatched hut for when I needed to get off the water and a tiny life in my quiet world. I have all those things in the finer form of glass built yacht and a stick built hut, I just want them somewhere warm. I shouldn’t complain, we rarely get hurricanes up here although I’ve heard they are on the uptick as we head into a more cyclone induced weather pattern. I hear even Southern CA isn’t safe from the likely hood of seeing them, maybe this is what has kept me from sailing Sookie to the Caribbean for all these years. I found this little video, something about it, I don’t know. Her last words, she is just perfect.

I find it odd to be worrying about tropical storms when there is frost on the grass off my front porch but the Caribbean is a very big reality these days. I take a sip of coffee and look to the west, over the peninsula I can see San Juan island just a few short miles away. To the north even closer is Shaw, then Spiden, the haunted island and beyond that The Canadian gulf islands. These inland waters offer a protected waterway than spans nearly a thousand miles although you still should expect to get smacked around every once in a while. While Sookie is large enough to flatten the sea and shrink my world as she brings it to me at a whopping six knots, she is also small enough to plop on a trailer and make 55 mph Windward passages. Both my trailers have vanished into thin air but no matter, Sookie is still headed to Form Myers where I’ll prepare her for island hoping and gunk holing as I discover a different type of island living, the spice islands beckon.

Today was supposed to be windlass fitting day but somehow it ended up in Friday Harbor, it’s amazing how difficult the post office can be with something so simple as forewarding the package 4.8 Miles. Perhaps today will be better spent pulling tarps and preparing to remove the bowsprit, it’s a big job and one I look forward to and dread at the same time. One thing for sure it’s a formidable hunk of bronze.

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