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They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Yes, this is my second Herrshoff dinghy, it’s called a Montgomery 6’8″ built by the same people who build the wonderful Nor’sea 27. That big shiny windlass, yep had one of those as well, piles and piles of chain, umhumph. None of it worked but that’s because I was in a different place with different needs. Passing on the windlass was more by accident than on purpose but I’m quite pleased with where it ended up. Chloe loved rowing around in the dingy but loading her up from anchor sucked Giant butt crack for both of us. Sookie has never had a windvane and honestly I’m 50/50 on whether this one will go in her or not. It’s all a delicate puzzle and each piece will determine my future in many ways.

I’m pretty committed to getting this boat done right or selling her period, and moving on. Done right is a pretty large word. Technically I don’t need any of these things, I can get by with hand pulling 100′ of chain or even 200′ in shallow water. I can live with a crap inflatable dinghy as well. I despise life rafts as they fail so often but also know that they offer great piece of mind. The new dinghy can serve multiple purposes and can be fixed anywhere in the world, on the beach, on the boat or on a dock. Still there is the fact that as of yet it doesn’t fit on deck and that’s a major problem. With so few boats to compare with, both the dink and Sookie there isn’t much of a base to run with. Being a single handed sailor also makes getting it on and off the boat a complete cluster. If I had a boat that could ship a proper dinghy the Fatty Knees 7′ would be my first choice but this awkward little tender tows like a dream until it gets snotty out.

She has no bow Padeye or oar locks, well I have them I just have to figure out where to put them. One little piece of trim needs a bit of attention but she is brand new, a Relic from a time long long ago when people enjoyed the slowness of rowing a dinghy away from a yacht so beautiful it would take your breath away every time.

The genius in all this is that I’ve just heard rumor that I may be laid off due to a winter closure. I’ve got a literal goldmine in parts and each one will be perfectly fitted or sold to pay for the next upgrade. If I wasn’t willing to go all in like this I wouldn’t have Sookie, my camera gear, bike, freedom, nothing, none of this. I’d rather be cash poor with a well functioning boat than rich with my boat chained to the dock. A good friend just mentioned that they are rationed to lentils all winter but their brand new set of Hasse sails will more than make up for the bleak winter, I made sure to stuff them to the gullet before we said our goodbyes.

The key is a good home and each of these ancient pieces of art will find their rightful place eventually. Over the summer some fat cat local I met up north made an insanely high cash offer on Sookie, I declined. I just couldn’t go through life knowing I had passed her off to some douche. I’m strange like that, a good home is very important to me and so one by one I’ll do my best to properly install each new item. Figuring out the wind-vane is the real top priority issue right now, I’m just having so much difficulty committing to screwing so many holes when I’m just not in love.

From the log of Sookie, wintersville. Everybody is going to want a ride on my dinghy, this I know is true…

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