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I woke at noon and everything in my life felt impossibly perfect, well except for a well earned scorching hangover. Somehow I completely missed the New Years. Yes I knew it was New Year’s Eve, I worked the bar for most of the night but slipped out before the merriment began. I was so preoccupied with other little distractions that for the first time in my life it completely eluded me. Winter may only be two weeks old but here in the very north west it’s well on its way to dying. Our biggest boat show is in a few weeks signaling the coming spring.

I wish I could say I’ve figured it all out but that is far from the truth. Maybe I’m just being greedy but I’m not ready to let go of Sookie, having a boat on each side of the world has always been my dream and now it’s very close to my reality. Supposedly I have a buyer showing up on the third with a pile of cash but I’m not buyin it. If I do sell her I’ll be in the boat shop working on big Sookie by the end of the week. If I don’t I have many options but I really want another big ride before I dive deep into the boat project. It’s all quite complicated but also so very simple or at least it all will be once I figure it all out.

Looking back over my life I can’t help but to wonder why I’ve lived in Wisconsin twice, the first time I moved there straight from the jungles of the Pacific to witness the longest stretch of below 0 temps in the history of the state. Another 7 years based out of Lake Tahoe and now the PNW. I have 9 jackets hanging on a single chair, my only piece of furniture yet I’m still cold more often than not both in and out doors. Hell I used to get cold when I lived in Hawaii.

I sent a letter to a friend bouncing an offer I have on Sookie. His response, “sometimes dream about starting over with a hull and deck and rebuilding the same basic idea into a new hull, but it’s not in the cards for me. When it comes down to it, I’d rather spend this year sailing than the next three in the yard.”

This makes lots of sense although I don’t know anyone around here who gets to sail for a year. With the seasons we have here even in the best of circumstances it would take me 4 years of 90 day seasons to sail for a year. On the other hand I can work on big Sookie for a year and move to the Caribbean and never have to wear 9 jackets again. I could even do that in southern Florida for a year or two if I’m too broke after building her.

When you take the time to create your life those days aren’t wasted, the labor, blood, sweat and tears encountered in the challenging and often frustrating process is all worth it. There isn’t one piece of gear that can be ordered from a marine chandlery for the new boat, it will all be cast or fabricated, there is an art to all this. I’ve been deep in studying woodworking as best I can at least and holding out for perfectly suited woods for the new boat. I’m hoping to incorporate many white woods to make her interior bright and shiny, all interior paint although there won’t be much will be in a very light yellow, we did this on the Roo and the color it cast was always warm and inviting. All her vertical surfaces will be oiled wood while her horizontal surfaces will be heavily varnished.

No matter how you look at it, at the end of the day there is nothing so much fun as messing around in boats and that’s my new job. It’s an almost warm and perfectly sunny day. There is much to do in this life but I think I might just have one more cup of coffee before I get to the tasks at hand.

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