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More than anything I hate that I can’t just spit out the details of the new boat, I’m not into secrets I’m into sharing but its out of my hands. This may be the last blog post about the new boat till I actually start construction in September but. I’m still working on it every day. Accumulating parts, searching for wood measuring, accumulating, planning… Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not into long drawn out processes. Nearly 7 years into sookie and I’m still cooking on a camp stove because I can’t commit to what I want on her. The new boat aside I’m still working on Sookie every day, doing my best in this extremely poor economy to earn money and trying to make use of every second I have remaining in the islands.

I used to pay people to do all my work saying that my time was more valuable than the money it cost. Somewhere in my late 20’s I learned that I wasn’t learning anything new by paying people to work for me. I took a new or should I say old approach. My parents were hands on do-it yourselfers. We made and fixed everything in our awesomely fit our work shop. My grandfather built his house out of a dead tree and a bunch of raw material, it was plain simple and a work of art.

I know I lack many of the skills even though the hull and deck construction has nothing to do with me. My hope is that dozens of sets of hands will join in and assist from design choices to cutting and sewing sails. To build the new boat will be one of the greatest learning experiences of my life, come help me and I’ll keep your belly full of snacks and grog.

People often ask me why I did two long distance tours on a folding bike. The answer is I’ve done far too many tours the easy way on real touring bikes and wanted to try something new, a greater challenge. The same with road touring on a plus bike, it’s borderline insane but I’ve long passed the days of panniers and skinny tires. People who haven’t spent the last 30 years on the water can’t understand why I need a new project a bigger challenge to sink my teeth into. When I was 18 I bought a boat and went sailing. And continued for the next 31 years.

it Isn’t that Sookie isn’t the perfect boat, she is and then some. It’s just that now having all of My adult life on the water I know I belong there and not on dry land. The small increase in size is adding 4 times the living space both inside and out. Maybe I’m crazy, maybe this is all a big mistake but I’m no stranger to failing and I’d rather try and give it my all then spend my life wondering what if. My brain needs a mammoth redirection.

My one and only goal in life is to build a simple sensible home and set off in search of buried treasure. When I become too old to pull the strings I’ll find a rickety old dock where it never gets cold, pour a glass of green label and tell my stories of war and peace to any youngins that care to listen.

When Larry Pardey kept on and on with Lin about Sailing around the horn she replied “Larry at this point in my life I have nothing left to prove” he responded ” at this point in your life Lin you have nothing to lose”.

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