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Its no mistake that God, in her infinite wisdom created Man.  Man went on to create two of the most beautiful things the world will ever know, bikes and sailboats in no particular order. Know this, that in their creation they were touched directly by the hand of god. The Simplicity and inherent beauty of each goes hand in hand, you have a destination and by the power of nature, you arrive.  Sometimes its your nature that takes you there, other times its mother-nature… these simple pleasures don’t cost much so you don’t need to work much leaving a reasonably long life to follow your heart and the spirit that keeps your brain flowing. The romance of this life, making fire in the wild, a steaming cup of coffee cooked over an open flame and food… of all the things in this life that I spend money on food and grog are by far the most expensive and the most rewarding.

To arrive at the end is rewarding in its own right but that warm beer or hot meal at the end of a particular cold, wet and trying day, or hot for that matter. I wont try and explain the euphoric level of satisfaction it brings, i cant. To find these simple pleasures you must earn them. Anyone can do them, its just that most wont. Fear is the biggest theaf of life, I know this more than anyone as fear is my constant companion.  It blows my mind to no end how many people don’t take advantage of all they have in their own back yard.

Enter the Darkn initiative.  It all started with Dark and Stormy Sundays, my old signature drink, a throwback from my days in the Caribbean. A collective group would meet on one or an others boat when the weather was blowing foul. Each of us very different from the next but we all had freedom in common.  We had all chosen to live our lives on the sea, debt free and outside of “the real world” of careers opting for a more minimal existence. The conversations were always lively and often dark when discussing politics or the long time debate of weather the world was actually flat, that one is still open for debate. Eventually our little community became the Darkn Initiative.

That was all many years ago and one by one I’ve lost every member of the tribe.  Some moved ashore, others gave in wanting larger boats and fell into debt, a few bought houses and went back to work.  Nothing is inherently wrong with any of these out comes but I often find it lonely being the last man standing. The lure has been cast in front of me many times, its dancing in front of me as i type these words but the bait has never been sweet enough to bite. No matter how you cut the cookie solo is more of a reality than a choice, not that there is a difference…

“The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before.” 
― Albert Einstein

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