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You want to know what I find more effing annoying than anything on the planet. It’s when I watch my favorite vloggers/bloggers, at the end of their video they are like don’t forget to subscribe and comment, follow us on facebook and like us on Twitter. You wanna know why they say that? Cause for all the massive amounts of hard work and efforts they put into entertaining you, you can’t so much as click the like button or subscribe or leave a comment. Are you seriously that lazy that you can’t engage in the slightest. Guess what! This is how we make our living…

A very crude calculation puts me at over 3000 posts. Show me one journalist, TV show or author who has come up with 3000 titles it’s staggering, not even the Simpsons can touch that. That means 24,000 tags, and just under 1.7 million words or the equivalent of 18 books at 90,000 words per book. It’s not just that. Add in the 30,000 images that have to be taken, imported, edited uploaded and don’t even get me started on posted. Getting in a shit banging dinghy with your un-insurable laptop and camera gear and row through more often than not adverse conditions, hiking around a strange town looking for internet which costs a minimum of 5 bucks for a cup of coffee and there goes another 15,000 dollars not to mention the cost of gear over the years, break downs and losses. Seriously. You can’t be bothered to push a button? your time is too precious? Don’t want to risk a sprained finger? Don’t want to pull it out from where it is? can’t find the energy? Or simply don’t care?

I was perusing through some dumb ass sailing forum and found a 25 page rant on your favor blogs. People talking about sailors having their hands out and digitally begging. Unlike 99% of employees who want a negotiated contact before they lift a single finger bloggers and vloggers do 100% of our work for free. We write it, fund it and give it away. If your stoked you can click the like button or send a buck or a nice note. I’d love if teachers worked for free and you could pay them later if your children turn out ok. Can you imagine if your lawyer was like ahh, yes just pay me later if you think I’m worth it. What about if your mechanic was just like, yup rebuilt your engine if she’s still running next year float me a buck or tell me you like my work or bookstores who let you read the book before you decide to pay for it. How about a free vacation or financial advice.

Look Im not saying you have to send them money. I’m just saying even occasionally a little feedback and support would be nice. If you like something they produce how bout a little kudos, share it on your facebook, send it to a friend, mention it on one of your 1600 social media accounts or hey how about a like or a subscribe or a comment. The more you share the more you get.

Ok, shit. I’m the worst! I creep all sorts of blogs and always forget to comment or like or subscribe. I do my best to share but I could do a better job. Let’s face it, all of us, each and every one are just trying to make our mark in this world. If you like what you see tell them. If you have constructive criticism share it. If you want more or less vote with your words. Oh hell just copy the link and share this post with every blogger and vlogger you know and ask them to spread the love, or don’t.

I’ll finish by saying that if this post offends you then it offends me that it offends you. Please refer to the above image 😉

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