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I listen to the words and smile, No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women
No fun, no sin, no you, no wonder it’s dark. Everyone around me is a total stranger. Everyone avoids me like a psyched lone-ranger Everyone.  I’ve gone to that special place few men my age will ever know.  I have no time for distractions, anchors or alibis.  I’m quite possibly the most fragile human in existence when it comes to being easily distracted by shiny shit. The magpie and the sailor suffer this this syndrome more than any other species on the planet.

The plan was simple, I was on layover in Honolulu where I was chilling waiting for a standby flight to Bali  From there I would jump a ship to China, hitch to Beijing and board the Trans Siberian railway to Moscow.  My plan was to jump from the train in upper Mongolia and make my pilgrimage to Tibet. I blame the arrogance of youth and the book 7 years in Tibet but the trip was on. My first side track was a very curvy Hawaiian with lungs that could calm the savage seas, strike one.  Next was the cutest and surely hungriest Asian girl I have ever known, strike two.  Strike three and my TKO came in the form of 3 feet of bleach blond hair with an Aussie accent that matched her never ending golden tan.  I could tell this story a thousand times differently by changing the names and locations, all far to real in my life and so here I sit in the year of my 50th on this planet swearing off the hooch forever!

I have a boat that needs to be both sailed and sold, a bike that needs to be ridden everywhere and a boat that’s needs to be built. I’m treading on thin ice, every time a girl so much as looks in my general direction I turn and run giving Carl Lewis a serious sprint for his money. I’ve become a complete hermit insuring that I know no person on this island beyond a cordial good day and have let the entire scope of the world slip out of focus. I’m staying 100% true to the fact that I will build this boat in under a year without borrowing a single penny to do it. I’ve set my life up so that when Sookie sells there will be no Anchors here or anywhere, on a whim or a moments notice I’ll pick up and flee, not from anywhere but to my future, the New big Sookie. These islands will suck you in.

Hell bent is an understatement. When I was 25 I had two full time jobs and owned my own rapidly exploding company, I worked 7 days a week 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  I was extremely passionate about what I was creating. I don’t know how I survived back then but I haven’t had that type of motivation again since, well not till now, I’ve become completely one dimensional.  I spend hours on the bike thinking of nothing but boat details and of course appreciating how beautiful this little island is. I meditate in the form of really crude man yoga, during this time my mind is in a constant state of wood options.  In the shower its heavy weather and cold weather sailing. At work its how to finance this beast of a project. when I lay my head down at night its the beaches and trade winds.  all time in-between is spent on how to actually pull it off.

Many years ago after an incident at Reno Intl airport I decided I wanted to buy a private jet for Chloe so we could fly anywhere in the world we wanted to go at the drop of a dime.  I leased an old cabin in the middle of the woods where there would be no distraction, My goal was to create and sell a 500 million dollar Corp in a year.  All my friends thought I was nuts, in case you are wondering I’m not nuts, I’m bat-shit crazy. I did create my masterpiece and was well on my way to flying the friendly skies when I became a very accidental tree huger. I shut it all down, packed up my dog and my bike and took off to live in nature for a bit. A year later I had started my first blog Meet me on the Horizon, compiled a bunch of video gear and completely re-built the cutest little sailboat. I was days away from casting off for Mexico when I came across some shiny shit…

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