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I woke early to the pitter patter of rain. It’s warm in my little boathouse, it was 46 out side this morning. Once the new year rolls past spring starts its steady march towards summer. Sure we can get a few cold Systems blowing through but all and all the season is close at hand. I’ve been spending so much time studying the basics of film and editing which is way over my short attention span that I haven’t even bothered to roll any film. My new selfie stick/Tripod showed up and it was time for a little shenanigans and my first pathetic attempt, its good to have room to grow.

Im rapidly learning that being a rebel without a crew might end up to be more trouble than it’s worth. Filming one self with a phone is a giant PIA as is blogging, the lens isn’t wide enough on such a small boat and if I drop my phone one more time it just may give up the ghost. I’ve been shopping anamorphic lenses but at the price for a good one I better commit to a camera. I’m on my trusty old iPhone 6s and can’t help but to wonder how soon it will become obsolete with the giant pile of Uber expensive lenses I’d like to use. For now no money will be spent as I play with my new Tripod and try not to kill my phone in the balmy spring rains.

I’ve been finding it hard to find the motivation to leave my warm dry cabin. The boatyard is muddy, still no power and Sookie is cold inside, my next project is to remove the berth ceiling boards which warped when we had 3 souls wintering aboard. I could replace them with oak but I’m looking at cedar or teak. I’ve considered spalted mango as that’s what big Sookies dog house will be lined with but finding the right wood is turning out to be a challenge on this little island and I really want to touch it before I buy it. I never understand why people make such a big deal about doing their own work on the boat, its easy and fun and the sense of satisfaction is immense, my kingdom for a table saw which just may be put on my wish list sooner rather than later.

For now its dorksville trying to learn the best camera and editing apps and how to use them, an iPad mini may just solve all my problems but I’m not sold on anything yet as what I have is keeping me more occupied than it should. Years ago when we ruled the roost for sailors on youtube we never set out to do anything more than to document the process, I guess that’s why it was so much fun.

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