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Today was a day for Sookie, lots of little projects including stocking her wine locker and taking measurements for her new hobb. The weather has turned nasty and wet so pulling her tarps and giving her a nice bath will have to wait a day. My time away from the island has me rested and rejuvenated and ready to dive in head first. A long phone call with Spade anchors has me really excited about making the big switch.

I’ve been happily sailing my FC and have loved my Rocna anchor but times they are a changing. I started out with a brand new CQR 25 which was so worthless I threw it in the recycle bin not wanting anyone to end up being stuck with a hunk of metal better suited for plowing fields than holding my dream ship fast. I switched to a 22lb Delta which I loved in every way and it rarely failed me but wasn’t perfect. I was so attached to it that when I was offered a new Rocna I turned the offer down highly doubting it could be any better. With much coercion I took the anchor and love, love, love it, live and learn…

The big boat, when it comes to fruition will carry a 33lb spade. I’m not upsizing from Sookie because she is in anyway inadequate, she is not. I’m moving to a larger boat because I’ve spent my whole life wanting to build a boat and now I can. There is no other boat on the planet that I would choose over my little FC which brings me to the topic of anchor size.

The Rocna 25 hangs on my bowsprit shroud perfectly. Before hanging it there I consulted with Lin Pardey and she confirmed that they hung thier anchor the same way on Seraffyn with no issues for 50,000 Miles. I really love the design of the Spade anchor which comes in 21 and 33 lbs. The 21 should be perfect but I can’t help but to wonder if it’s too small. On the other hand nothing irks me more than oversized anchors and they scream neophyte, a label I don’t really want hanging from my bow. I know of a guy who has a 22 lb delta as his primary anchor on his BCC and has survived two hurricanes, much food for thought on my mental plate today.

Before heading east I’m hoping to do a circumnavigation of Vancouver Island, the perfect testing grounds for the spade. I’d like to get it up into its roller for the offshore portion but for gunk holing nothing could be easier than hanging it from the dolphin striker. One of the main reasons for the west coast is storm chasing. I want to find a full blown gale approaching and get Sookie 200 miles offshore where she is safe before it arrives so I can really put her through the motions. I need the time and space of the offshore environment to push her and test the upper levels of her a ability to drive in these conditions. I’ve done this several times in the straights but being on a 360 degree lee shore have never felt comfortable enough to really hang in there long enough before bailing out. As of now 40 knots sustained is the upper limits of her ability to drive into the poo poo and it’s been my experience that she can’t push any harder. Like I’ve always said, you can’t learn anything from a book, as of today she is in her most sea worthy state since she was first launched. The sea will answer my questions.

FYI Spade anchors is having a massive sale for a few more days.

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