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Riding through the inky black of night two primary thoughts keep rolling through my mind as my fat tires split though the spring rains. One, I should really invest in a proper headlight and start doing this more often, this is my 6th 24 hour trip since the New Years. Most of them last between 16 and 24 hours yet when I return I feel like I’ve just returned from a long journey of discovery. The second and more perplexing is why do I even waste my time with one boat let alone two, I could just keep riding and never stop.

It’s no secret that thousands of people save their money for 51 weeks each year so they can come spend one week of the year enjoying both my front and back yard. I truly thought my long distance cycling days were over but I’m really starting to feel the recovery taking place. Yesterday I gently ended my 10 day Juice fast. I had plans for drinks last night but somehow as usual the bike won out over a night of commingling. Don’t get me wrong, I did stop for a few cold ones in Friday Harbor, I just showed up stag although I did not drink alone. It was midnight before I reached my camp but I wasn’t tired, the night was as beautiful as any I can recall, winter is dead in these islands and the spring bloom is just a few short weeks away.

Up early it was down hill most of the way back to the ferry and an easy ride home from there. Back in my little cabin I’ve got my maps out studying longer routes and wondering if there just may be another bike tour in my near future. Sookie is still under wraps and safe and secure. Big Sookie is an egg shell and there is no rush to get to her, right now I’ve got the shire beckoning me. I don’t know where the difference in mindset is born but sailing alone is the most lonely and miserable existence I’ve ever known, my friends do it to get away from their wife’s but being solo I have nothing to escape. Solo on the bike on the other hand is an absolute dream come true. I never feel lonely or alone, it actually tends to be the most social existence I know.

I wanted to ride All day but there are schedules to be maintained, even on island time. I have company coming for the weekend so I need to do my laundry and clean the boat house. I broke my iPhone so I need the get my third in less than a year and the big excitement for the day is my continued search for someone to build a new set of carbon wheels for Chika, I still can’t choose between 27.5 and 29 but I’m getting close, it really comes down to what tires I want to run and if I’ll ever drop on a suspension fork which I highly doubt.

I don’t plan any of these trips but my friend Kristin has been louring me to the clothing optional spa at Doe Bay on Orcas island so I have a feeling I’ll be testing my fitness on Mt Constitution which will be my best measure of my readiness for a nice long open ended ramble down the road less traveled.

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