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Bit by bit I’m getting all my ducks in a row. People laugh when I say I’m stocking up for Armageddon but that’s just what I’m doing. I’m not a prepper, if we ever truly fall into a doomsday state I could just pick my gear from all the preppers dead bodies lining the streets that couldn’t survive a single day without food let alone a complete SHFT disaster. I on the other hand in some morbid way live for that shit.

What I’m preparing for is pretty easy to see if you’ve been watching, they will call it the greatest depression. I’m setting up for a full blown I couldn’t fucking care what happens when the real estate values drop 60% and the markets are free falling. Ever hear of a bail-in? Might want to do a little research on the banking system in Cypress, it was a testing ground for the world and they won as they always will. I’ve been a busy beaver burying little treasures all over the place, making Sookie even more self sufficient, dialing my bike and packing my bug-out bag, i like options. When I say bug-out bag it’s for bugging out on vacation, not festering in the woods like a desperate rat.

Of course the world doesn’t need to fall off a cliff to give me an excuse to bug out, I have a brilliant imagination and I can just imagine it’s happening. You know things like living in a police state, a place where a tax paying middle class citizen will be bound in steel cuffs and accosted and imprisoned for walking across the street with a glass of wine to say hi to his neighbor. Or a world where evil dictators tax us to the point where at the end of the day less than half we earn we keep. I can imagine a world where if I save my money in a bank, corrupt incompetent mobsters running the worlds largest ponzi scheme will devalue my savings through falsely created inflation. I can imagine being a human scientific lab rat where they have me in a giant maze, where hours a day are spent going three miles an hour in my 75k sports car, only to arrive to a toxic cube where I’ll be tortured for 12 hours a day by people with 100 IQ’s till I get back into the three mph maze. I can imagine a world where my grandfathers middle class house cost him less than his blue collar annual Salary, where in my nightmarish imagination that same house cost 10 years of mine. I can imagine a world filled with poisoned water and air, a city with thousands of homeless zombies walking the streets, living in a literal dumping ground. I can imagine a world where criminals are given more rights than a full term unborn child. I can imagine a world where there are 4 times more medications than diseases. I can imagine a world that treats the symptoms not the illness…

There are an endless amount of things I could imagine, each of them in their own right enough to make me want to just pedal out the front door or sail deeper into the islands but that’s all just imagination right, nobody in their right mind would willingly subject them self’s to one of those situations let alone all of them, that would literally be fucking insanity. Nope I don’t have to actually imagine anything, all I have to do is open my eyes every morning and follow them to each and every amazing sunset and the end of what ever trail I have been following, it’s pretty much that easy, it’s simply a choice I’ve made.

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”

― Dwight D. Eisenhower

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