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Three weeks before setting out on my bike tour I hauled Sookie and buttoned her up for a long winter. She is bone dry and fresh inside just like it was yesterday. I could of easily done her few winter projects and launched her when I returned but I was too sick and lethargic and our Indian summer slipped into winter. If I want to make a big trip this year I have 30 days to get her launched and find crew. She needs to be in Port Townsend by June 15 so time is not on my side. Today she got her first bath of the season but there is much to do as she has moss growing from every nook and cranny.

Falmouth cutter 22

Her brand new engine stalled half way between her slip and the hoist. I’m not sure what is going on but lack of a motor has never stoped me before, real sailors don’t need motors. Every time I’ve hauled her I’ve wanted to strip her bottom and start fresh, her bottom is absolutely atrocious but there is no power here so again it will have to wait, the list never ends. Once she gets her bottom wet it’s out of sight and out of mind for the season.

Refitting a sailboat

I really wish that these were bronze but they will clean up with a bit of jet polish.

Living on land for a few months was a necessary evil but now I’m counting the days to her launching although she won’t go in the water till all my ducks are in a row. I’m not giving up my tiny home till I have a solid go ahead for a trip north to BC. A good friend was picking my brain about my cruising experiences through Baja and mainland Mexico. I tried to explain that the Salish Sea is the best cruising on this big flat earth. Now having sailed through Mexico himself he is returning to this magical and endless cruising ground. The sailing is easy but the challenges are endless as are the new horizons.

Refitting a sailboat

This should be bronze as well, the LIST never ends

It’s taken nearly 7 years but the transition from refit to outfit is finally coming to fruition. Without a safe place to store my bike I’ve got some pretty large decisions but time will work those out. For now it’s my favorite part of the year, paint, varnish and installing all my new toys minus the new dinghy which tragically won’t fit on Sookie and can’t be delivered east. I just may have lost my mind because I keep thinking about AIS and a real VHF to go with it but that’s just boat porn for now.

Falmouth cutter

Sealed with silicone these 1/4 fittings will last a lifetime, the wire Ismaili only good for 20 years.

These fittings cost a fortune but they sure are Purdy. I’m still having bi polar disorder with my wind vane and will more than likely add a Cape Horn wind-vane, I’m just not sold on the trim tab that I currently have and not loving the idea of drilling more holes in my rudder, it’s always a trade off but for now it’s not a huge priority.

Falmouth cutter 22

Notice the padeyes I added for her ratlines, they are perfectly semetrical on both sides of hull, yay OCD.

Sookies hull actually has a small amount of tear drop shape, it’s hard to see but it’s there. It’s beyond me how any designers can come up with such works of art but there is a beautiful Hess 24 anchored in my bay, one of the only sailboats that ever sails into Fish Bay a true testament to her design.

Falmouth cutter 22

If you stare at this long enough you can see why she is such a wonderful sailing boat.

So today she had a good scrub, I pulled my chart book and started making notes on all the smaller details. You can see her fully loaded water mark which is about an inch lower than her LWL. I’m loading her lightly as in the best of worlds she will only need to carry a 75 day run worth of supplies which is child’s play for her.

Falmouth cutter 22

Her stern roller is just one of her amazing features that makes her so easy to sail.

Don’t let the grey sky fool you, it’s warm today and only getting warmer. It will take a week or two to have her looking smart and then I can start turning screw drivers and wrenches, bending on sails and last but not least see if I can get that beautiful new engine to purr like a kitten. My brain is scrambled but it feels good to make the transition back into the sailing world. As far as money goes, well I think Larry Pardey hit the nail on the head when he said…

And money? “Money is like screwdrivers, You need ’em, but if you have too many they just get in the way. Do you know how many rich people waste their lives worrying about their money?”~larry Pardey

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