Gear guide

Be patient, this will take forever

I’ve been experimenting with ultralight and minimalist backpacking since the 80’s preferring my travels to be about the experience rather than the gear. The easiest way to par your load is to simply leave more at home.

Still dialing my load in but I expect this will be an on going thing.

My total estimated gear weight including food will range between 15-20lbs any gear you read about here made the cut because it’s bad ass. I’m not into writing reviews, if you see it here it’s because it’s not in the trash!

Touring bicycle 2017 Surly Karate Monkey. It’s Basically a stock bike out of the box with the addition of Ergon GP3 bio cork grips and bar ends.

Tent, The North Face Storm Break one

Sleeping bag Western Mountianeering Caribou

Sleeping pad Thermarest Prolight plus short

Relevate Designs pika seat bag

Relevate Designs Surly #7 frame bag          

2x Relevate Designs feed bags  

Relevate Designs gas tank 

Relevate Designs sweet roll

King cage many things cage x3


REI down poofy Magma 

Patagoochi R-1 hoody

Marmot Precip rainjacket

La Sportiva 3/4 running tight

Terry thermal running skirt

Pink shorty socks 3 pairs, pink is for superstition and safety.

Shit old running shorts would really like to upgrade.

Rei pink synthetic shirt x2


minimalst medical kit lots of Advil

Electronics I-phone 6 for blogging and photography, no phone connection.

Tools and spares  Lycene mini floor pump.

Miselanious  zip lock bags, torn up old guide book from the 90’s two mini whiskeys for emergency or Impromptu roadside cocktails. Tire gauge, handi wipes.

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