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  1. Hi,
    My name is Alan, I live in Port Angeles. When you go out cruising you ought to stop in here. Nice deep water port. Good free anchorage in front of the town. Nice park in front of the anchorage. Easy walk to stores for supplies. Olympic National park here. Ferry to Victoria a short walk from the anchorage. Good views of Mt Baker and the Olympic Mnts from the anchorage. Poor town so no stigma to no money. Good luck, don’t dispair warm weather is on the way.
    A Kropp

  2. Sounds beautiful, we will be sure to stop by and find you.

  3. Being from England and currently trying our very hardest to get away from Texas on our boat before it gets any hotter, we can sympathise with your winter horrors. A fire is the thing to have; we’ll be needing one ourselves before heading on a northern pacific loop (a somewhat far off dream). Then when things get really desperate we can start burning teak or snapped spars… On second thoughts…

    Thanks for the entertainment from Dunc and Ruth on Impetuous.

    We live on a narrowboat (imagine a small floating corridor) in England and are currently restoring an Alajuela 38 with the hope of very soon getting it far far away from Texas and never returning.

    • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome BLOG! You guys wouldn’t believe how many days/years, I lived in the boat yard, every damn day is worth it, and that boat…Beautiful. See you guys out there 🙂

  4. Hi Stormy, love your writing! And very much connect to the message of simplicity. That’s big part of what our journey is about. We, an Aussie-Argentine-Family of four, are in the process of selling all our stuff (sooo liberating) in Sydney to head to Europe and buy a boat which will hopefully then take us around the world – slow pace! More on our journey on
    Stay in touch. Hope we get to meet in person one day. Where are you moored/anchored/berthed these days?

  5. 🙂 I’ve been secretly reading your blog for about 2 weeks now, I love it. One way or another our paths will cross, its the way of the voyager 🙂 Get that boat and get out there, or here, or anywhere warm.

  6. ;-)will do

  7. ps where are you these days?

  8. Hey Alan, just found your blog. Stumbled on you post “I Wonder if Anyone Would Read This”. Not sure if you’ev solved your hosting issues, but I’m happy to host your site for free just to keep you telling your story. If it’s something you want to do, just reach out to me. Keep up the good work, you inspire a lot of folks that may not reach out to tell you.


  9. Raz, thank you so much for the most generous offer but I think we have it under control. many Karma points to you for the offer 🙂

  10. Hello Alan,
    Found your site recently and have been reading through the archives as well as new posts, I gotta say it’s very inspiring. Best of luck to ya.

  11. Welcome aboard Mark, hopefully it will get more interesting in the next few weeks.

  12. Cool blog, looking forward to following your adventures. Really nice boat by the way.

  13. Was looking up the word hookie so I would have it spelled right for some innane FB posting. Came across your blog by chance (or was it?). Here it is 22 minutes later and I’m still not back to my unfinished post.

    Doing the math from your last blog, we’re about the same vintage. Similar Riches-to-Fuck Riches story too. And, to your point about the older and younger, right on. Have friends all ages, at all ages.

    Last Friday put me in a funk. It was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and every year my birthday. The circle isn’t complete by any means, but there comes a day when you can begin seeing the other end of it on the horizon, and it doesn’t look too good. “Where’s the up to this down?” “Fuck, is there going to be another one before this circle completes?” (Well, that should cover the funk bit.)

    You’re an interesting guy, and we have traveled a similar path. I’ll check in from time to time if you promise you’ll write on a day when your sails are sagging, you have a dead helm, and you’re looking desperately out on the water for a puff coming your way.

  14. That sounds like most of the summer in the San Juan’s, I swear the wind here in the summer is always under 6 knots or over 30 🙂 welcome aboard. 🙂

  15. You do realize I was trying to be metaphorical (love that word) in that last paragraph? You sound like you may have experienced ‘dead air’ in life a few times too. Actually, some d-bag tried using sailing metaphors the other day when describing me to another (like I wasn’t standing there) “blah, blah…stuck in the water. Blah, blah…no wind.”

    Right. If I had his rear echelon at my beam I could sail a reach the hell away from that conversation. No metaphor.

  16. I did 🙂

  17. Shannon said:

    Hello Alan;
    You helped me check out a boat long time ago…in Bellingham I think…I love the Falmouth 22…and you have one!!

    I have read all your posts…you’ve been through tough times…hope things are ok for now!

    Every marina has told me they will always have room for a little boat…(bowsprit notwithstanding, lol!) So…start those 100 mile jaunts to get somewhere warm!!

    We are meant to be resilient and adaptable, we are solo sailors!! 😉

  18. I remember you well and the Bruja, I still think you two were a perfect fit. Warmer days are coming but its so hard to give up this little jewel that we have right here in the Salish. Life is good, and yes this little 22 Falmouth somehow found her way into my life. What are you sailing these days?
    PS how nice to hear from you.

    • Shan Rae said:

      Hello Alan!

      Sounds like you are doing well! That’s right, the Bruja!! Nice boat, my ex wanted wood, I totally appreciate wood but wanted fibreglass, he bought wood and then didn’t want the boat-relationship required of a wooden vessel…

      And now I am actually looking for a Falmouth 22 for me, but have no money after the divorce…as I am paying off an $80,000 powerboat if you can believe it, a crime really! ;-). Long story, had to do with me earning money & him not, and where will we live when we sacrificed our place due to his daughter’s whims…yeah, we’ve all been there!!

      Anyways, I am wonderfully happy on my own and starting to sail again after bad experiences when sailing with my ex, it was sooo weird!

      Thanks for being so honest in your blogs, nice to read and it makes us readers wish you well!

      Where is your little boat moored…maybe I will be down that way someday & come and gaze upon her perfect lines!!

      Have a great summer!

      Shannon Rae
      Might be anywhere in Vancouver
      Sent from my BlackBerry, on the go & maybe paired to my ipad…please text me if you wish!

  19. Hang in there like you say it is always getting better, right now I am bouncing around the San Juan’s and not sure where I will land but it better be close to Mexico 🙂 you are always welcome to come check out the boat. I’m sure you have been to the Sam Morris site for FC’s? Be careful these are old expensive boats that usually need a ton of rebuilding, everything on this boat is new or being replaced one piece at a time. Worth every penny and sails like a dream but not for everyone.

  20. Larry Benson said:

    My name is Larry Benson. I’ve only began reading your blog, but will be following your adventures more closely now. I am at a point in my life now that it is way past time for me to embrace your same life style and values more than ever. I’ve lived most of my life on a sail boat and always had bicycles. I own two bikes, a nice mountain bike made by montague, and I just acquired a rans recumbent. Two different animals. I enjoy them both.
    I just put in an offer on a 36 Catalina. I am next for a mooring ball in San Diego. I am on the verge of dumping the corporate employment life myself. Your blog has inspired me a lot. Thank you.
    I too will be blogging. I hope to be able to share my boat, love of the ocean and a cleaner, and a simpler lifestyle with family and friends.
    I hope we one day have the chance to share a meal and drinks.
    If all works out, I will be living aboard in San Diego, happily without a car, off the grid and smiling way more than I ever have.
    Keep up your blogging, I love the read. I did click on the link to buy a drink and it didn’t take me to a place where I could contribute. I will try again though.
    I don’t have a web site yet. I am on face book under Larry Benson. I currently live in Wichita KS. Don’t ask how I got here, I really can’t believe it myself.

  21. Larry, I’m not on facebook but when you get your blog up post it in the comments section on any most recent post 🙂 I absolutely love the Catalina 36 and have sailed one all over this place. When my boat was in pieces my best friend and his wife would kidnap me and take me everywhere on theirs, what an amazing boat. If I wasn’t such a traditionalist knuckle head it would be the number one boat on my list. The sailing community is a small one and I’m sure we will cross wakes sooner rather than later. Thank you so much for your incredibly generous donation, I can assure you Ice cold beers are needed and appreciated after a long salty day on the Salish 🙂 Keep me posted on that blog. I spent so many freezing nights in Wisconsin dreaming of someday living aboard and exploring the world at 5 knots, I survived all those nights reading others blogs so mine is paying it forward. We had a good blow last night and this morning was a cold choppy wet row to shore 🙂 I love this life. Alan

  22. Larry Benson said:

    The donation is my pleasure. I will also have the same option for my friends and following, if I have any. May I be so bold as to ask, did you receive the entire 25 or was there a little ‘handling fee’? Have there been enough generous friends and readers make donations that actually help you out with expenses?

  23. They take a very small amount, we don’t get many donations but truly appreciate what we do get and only spend them on Ice cold beers 🙂 a treat you can never imagine till you have gone without in the dry thirsty summer.

  24. Larry Benson said:

    I’ve sailed a 30 foot Tartan, without refrigeration, for nearly two years from SF to Puerto Vallarta and back. I know how much one can appreciate a cold, sweaty beer. Enjoy.
    I am sorry to hear there are so many cheap ass people that can’t even make a small donation after spending hours enjoying your blogs and photography. A statement to the sad state of existence that our society has lowered to. That donation took me all of one minute. I hope others can see this reply.

  25. Hey hey! I found your blog through Ben & Teresa Carey, friends of mine I met a while back in Miami. I’ve only read a bit, but I love it so far! I want to know if you’d be up for recording a podcast…it’s called ‘Two Inspired Guys’, and our tagline is ‘Conversations with people who love their lives and live their dreams.’ I think you fit the bill! Anyway, let me know, I do the long-distance ones on Skype. It’s been on hiatus since May, but it’s coming back next week (for good I hope). Hope to hear back!

  26. We would be happy to but wont have access to internet or skype for a few weeks 🙂

  27. chadonlopez said:

    Wow! Trying to fathom the odds of this! I live on a small island in the “Salish Sea” Looking up how to scull a sailboat, I ran across this and to my surprise realized I have met this man and have admired both he and his boat, and now have a greater appreciation for this journey as well as the voyage. Well done my friend.

  28. Swing by when you get off work and we can throw it on your boat and scull around the harbor. Thanks again for taking such good care of our little home 🙂

  29. Hey I,am Steve from Montreal … I own a folkboat and livabaord most of the time… Was wondering if that 2hp on your boat is enough?… I hade a similar but 4hp on the folk that mysteriously desapeared in my sleep, I love the idea of integrated gas tank, makes for easy stowing…. Cheers

  30. That sucks about your motor, A 2 will work in a dead calm right now I have a 6 that kicks ass, burns 1/3 gal an hour at 4.5 knots built in fuel tank light and easy to maintain 🙂 I guess a 4 might be the best of all worlds. I LOVE folk boats.

  31. Just spent the day reading your site, damn I think we siblings haha…
    I too live most winters outside and find it difficult living at my girlfriend house… She finds the folk too small so I obtained a 34ft with is on the hard righ by our bedroom window … I look at it every day and night but still prefer my folkboat for the reasons you understand …. Later cheers

  32. gerald blizzard said:

    hi..just started reading your blog..I like your writing style…I didnt read all the comments so excuse me if this has been addressed…when the weather is cold and wet and n asty where you are…why not move south?…pay the dock fee…load what food you have…and simply go.

  33. Greetings, that was my plan but an aging dog has caused a bit of a jibe. She is my primary concern and this has been a hard year on her. Someday I will sail south but I have to say I’m pretty addicted to these waters and have only explored about 1% of them.

  34. Hi,
    Just wanted to say thank you for looking at my blog, as it enabled me to find yours. I really enjoy your story, message and your writing. I am in the south west of England, in a small town called Highworth in the county of Wiltshire. Inspiring stuff, I am looking forward to following your journey.

    Kindest regards


  35. Sookie and crew,
    I’ve been following the blog for a while now while sorting out my own life and am currently sending off letters to those who helped – you included. I just finished leasing out my condo and am moving aboard my Cape Dory 25 (East coast – CHesapeake Bay area). I like the CD, but only purchased it because I couldn’t afford a Famouth Cutter or Flicka. It will work. It’s refreshing to read of others living simple lives and recognising all that is wrong with what we have come to know as normal and conventional. Cheers, and I’ll probably be blogging about my move aboard as well. I’ll be sure to send you a link. -Tom

  36. Tom the CD is a better boat for the waters your in and will hands down out perform the Flicka. How do you keep warm in such a cold area? Send that link I really need some good reading to keep me going through the winter and all the best blogs are vanishing.

  37. Right on bro… Exactly my intent 🙂

  38. Hey Allen..
    Jesse here. We met in fishermans bay this summer on Lopez. Well I hate to do it but we are looking for a larger boat due to the size of my family. If you know anybody looking for a falmouth cutter in great shape “Dora Rose” let me know. Hope all is well. Great blog

  39. Hey there, stumbled across your blog while searching online. I love the Falmouth and yours is just beautiful. My girl and I (and our dog Jet the super dog) cruise and live full time aboard our CAL 35. She’s much bigger than the small boats you tout here but my favorites are still the small ones. I love the folk boat, Contessa’s, the Falmouth and someday, I would love to see a Vertue 27 in person. Love the Morris Frances as well. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed your photos and you writing and I am super impressed with your undertaking. Congrats and continued success. Simple is indeed better. You can read a little about us if you like (as we sit in Titusville, Florida waiting out this huge blustery front) at:
    Chris, Melody and Jet-pack

  40. Hi Allen,
    Have enjoyed this blog and your previous one. Kept me going while I planned my escape! Keep on keeping on and be sure share and check out my blog if you get a chance . . . Taking a break for a few months but hope to head back out next summer after that I’m thinking it might be time to go sailing again.

  41. Jim Ferrell said:

    Is Sookie still for sale?

  42. Nice blog, well written. To the point, economy of words. Like your lifestyle, I guess.

    Please keep it up, it is priceless.

    I am still working at the same idea…

    The Hungry Sailor

  43. OK … huge follower of your old site/blog. when you shut it down i continued to go to the site in hopes it would ‘come back to life’. well it didn’t :-). through a boating site i saw reference to a person who just purchased a Montgomer 6’8″. as i know Jerry Montgomery personally i was interested in ‘who this was’. to find out it is YOU! great! now i have to catch up on your blog and site … give me something to do over the New Years Holiday.

    – Dave

  44. Markwesti said:

    Hi there Stormy, It’s me Markwesti . Happy New Year !! Hope this finds you well and fine . Now that it is the new year my boat projects are starting to happen , a little bit at a time of coarse . I started on my cabin top hand rails and name boards . I should have that complete in a few days . Then it’s on to the rest of the boat, probably around May li’l o’l Patricia A will be looking presentable . Get in touch with me and I can send you some progress pics. P.S. Love the blog.

  45. Hey Stormy,
    I’m a new FCC owner, just picked her up a few weeks ago. It’s a bit of a tale but here goes. She is hull #21. A guy (Pete?) bought her in Florida. She sat in the boatyard in Pensacola while Pete went back to Oz to make preparations. He met a lady and decided to stay. Another guy from New Hampshire (Jason), bought her, bought a trailer and had her shipped North. He decided she was a bit to large for his current boating needs so enter me, Jim, who bought the boat sight unseen while living in India.
    I came back to the states to get the boat and some other business but am back in India now.
    I am downsizing from a Dufour 36 Classic, which is now on the market. Last winter I cruised the Bahamas with my brother and his wife with the Dufour. I had a great time with it but learned that even though the boat had a lot of space, I only used:

    1. My single bunk
    2. Galley
    3. Head (not often as showers were off the stern and who wants to use the head just to pee?)
    4. Cockpit.
    Add to this list a few new requirements:
    5. Trailerable

    Since I travel often I want to be able to tow the boat to Stuart Florida, set her up and go to the Keys or the Bahamas. When done reverse the process and tow her back to SW Virginia where I have a log house and park her in the side field or summer her in a local marina at Smith Mountain Lake.

    I have a lot of work to do with her which will start this May. I’m hoping to put a tabernacle on her so I don’t need a boat yard to launch her. I know this was an option with Sam L. Morse as I’ve seen it on the video on youtube but “Shoestrings” doesn’t have it.
    I have had a very bad time with boatyards so anything I can do to remove them from the equation will make me happy.

    Thanks for a great blog and insight into FCC 22 living.

  46. CONGRATULATIONS AND YEAH I’M SCREAMING!!! It sounds like you have the perfect situation Id love to ship my boat to Florida and sail off the the Caribbean but it looks like I’m going to have to go the long way around. I doubt I can be much help but if you have any questions about this or that I will certainly give it a try. I think Cape George can make a tabernacle for you but I have to say my mast is pretty massive. I would step it it I had to but was a chicken and had the boat yard do it. My best adice is go slow be patient and do her right. 🙂

    • Thanks!
      The best thing about the boat is that yes, she may have been ignored and idle for a while, but she is in original shape for the most part. She even has the two kerosene bronze lamps that hang from the cabin roof in the salon, just needing new wicks.
      I did contact Cape George about the tabernacle and they sent me a basic diagram of one that someone drew up.
      I may bring the boat down to Oriental, NC to Sailcraft Services. They have a first rate rigger and fabricator there and that may be the best option for me.
      p.s. I tow the boat myself with an old F250 Diesel, she trailers beautifully

  47. Добрый день дорогие друзья.Я всю жизнь мечтал именно такую яхту как Фалмут-22. Очень хороший проект…Где можно купить такую лодку в Европе и сколько она стоит? С уважением Давид.

  48. David, I only know of one FC in Europe and she is not for sale. I think the 25′ virtue might be the closest you will find on that side of the pond. I think you need to come to the states to find one and sail her home 🙂

  49. I will have to learn more ideas on minimalism. I’m a little more in the middle. But just barely. Thanks for a lot of great posts on Sailnet.

  50. Welcome board Scott. I think the concept is a bit different for all of us yet so much the same.

  51. Hi I was just poking around sailing blogs and fell on yours. I kept reading & reading and frankly stopped to read out load to my husband so many times that he just gave up on the article he was reading. Thanks so much for sharing it was truly delightful.

  52. Nice to meet you Lina, I tried to click on the little picture of your boat But I cant tell what it is. 🙂 I’m so curious.

  53. Good Morning Captain Stormy,
    I am shooting you a line this morning to give you some food for thought on the last push to tropical weather. If you are looking for a 1st mate on any part of your float down south, I am more than willing and capable to assist.

    Drop a line back…….I found your blog 3 years ago had to read start to finish like a great novel

    Cheers Mate
    Fair Winds
    Lost Coast Gypsy

    • That’s a great offer and one that I very well may take you up on. Right now IO’m just trying to keep my aging dogie happy 🙂

      • The Patagonia Trading Company said:

        Big Smile…..I sailed the Caribbean for seven years with 2 Jack Russell’s and 2 simiese cats and a Macaw Parrot………I know the feeling……I wanted you to know that you have a Gypsy with a backpack and ready when ever you get the ich… have a shotgun rider in the wait…..

        Cheers Mate

        The Gypsy Lifestyle

        “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbors. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain… The West Indies Trading Company LTD. H.Clay Maxwell Jr.

        Sent from my iPad


  54. Fun reading. Thanks for the fun!!

  55. Great luck that I stumbled across your path… I’m enjoying your adventures and perspectives. And I just purchased my first sailing vessel. It waits for me in Sequim, WA. One night we shall chat via Morse lamp, or something.

  56. Welcome aboard and get on that boat 🙂

  57. Victor Raymond said:

    Hi Alan,
    We now have an aluminum boat that Peter Smith finished from a raw hull before he completed his own Kiwi Roa and 12 years before he commercialized the Rocna anchor. We are living aboard in Sequim Bay but spent most of the winter on a buoy in Bainbridge that someone lent me. Soon we will be headed up north to Canada again and finally Alaska.
    Hope to see you on the water some time.
    Victor & Judy Raymond

  58. If you make to to the islands let me know, Id love to see that boat.
    PS I dont suppose you have my book My Old Man And The Sea? 🙂

  59. Brilliant blog,if i can get mine half as good i’ll be happy!

  60. Alan,

    I wrote to you half an hour ago. I wanted to leave a little something in your beer fund and now I don’t find it. I have had a really good time reading and looking at your blog. It is awfully good. Wow! Anyway, didn’t you used to have some kind of little set up where a person could leave you the price of a beer? Am I imagining this? I’d like to thank you for helping me get started and I thought buying you a bit of beer would be nice gesture. Let me know how I might do that.


  61. Alan,

    I went out ot the barn to review the day’s work and drink beer. I came in, checked the computer and figured out how to send you 25 bucks. Cool. Enjoy your life. Thanks for helping me get started with my blog.


  62. Konstantinos Lekkas said:


  63. You remind us all just what a wonderful life this sailing life is. We have been living aboard for 4 years now and very slowly we are trying to see as much of the world as we can. There is no rush and as long as there is wind we will visit somewhere new.
    Thank you for your blogs and the wonderful photos..
    Fair winds my friend.

  64. Been reading your blog for awhile,really like your boat,just bought a Pacific Seacraft Dana 24,anyway ,my boats in Billingham,Squailcum harbor,F19,gate 3,stop on by for a beer,and talk boats.

  65. Don’t know when I’ll be sailing into Bellingham next but I would love to see the boat and meet you. Did you buy her local? B-ham was my stomping ground for many years.

  66. I’m out in the Islands where you should be 🙂 So much good cruising out of Bellingham .

  67. I,ll be there soon,got lots of stuff to do on the boat,was planning on going up to Alaska,but will proubly just sail around here,go up to the Gulf Islands.Alaska will be next year.Maybe i will bump into you out there.

  68. Im out here somewhere, come find me.

  69. Became aware of your blog I believe from mention in Kevin Walters’ blog (Sail Far Live Free), several months ago. Really appreciate the frankness and unconventional perspective of your writings. I just abandoned the corporate ship a couple months ago, am in the process of jettisoning the heaps of idle possessions I’ve accumulated in those decades of servitude, and am clawing my way toward a freer life that I know will be richer.

    My spaniel Lacee waits patiently for my next move, as always, and sends her regards to Chloe.

  70. Hey Stormy!
    I am looking at a boat in Everett. I like the boat, but I’m not sure about the saildrive. Somehow I don’t like the idea of an 8″ hole in the stern. If you can, take a look at the link and give me your impressions. I’ve never heard on SeaRaker, or putting a saildrive on a mono-hull.
    P.S. If I buy this boat it will be sight unseen, after a survey. 😛

  71. I recently found your blog and have really enjoyed reading. Thank you for being so honest. I wish you much luck, love, and happiness in your future.
    Fair Winds,

  72. So, i like your dog! Welcome to América, !continente!! Special central “México” and Sur… we can make the Che way… Do you know that… Joke!… Shanti & love..

  73. kristian said:


    Our mutual friend Matt has arranged for us to meet. I have an oven for you, I believe. Also, we spoke a few months back regarding a mercator. Fortunately, I bought a different one, which is working out very nicely. Selling your boat, eh? Why? She looks great. I can bring the stove out soon. Maybe this weekend? Let me know when works for you. Hope to hear from you soon, Kristian.

    • Congrats on closing on the new boat. I am available everyday before 2 and all day on tuesdays. Let me know what works for you. 🙂

  74. Thanks for the follow, love your blog already!

  75. Alan,

    Hi. Thanks for the good writing and photography. I have the FC newsletters (pdfs) and would be happy to send them to you – I believe you were seeking them.

    – Peter
    s/v Popeye
    FC #4

  76. Lizzie Fenner said:


    My name is Lizzie and I am writing from ADPR. We are a PR firm in Somerset, UK that specialise in marine and outdoor campaigns. We are currently working on the Governor’s Cup 2014. In case you’re not aware, this is a boat race that goes from South Africa to St Helena. This year will be the last it takes place this way, as there is an airport being built on the island of St Helena.

    We are hoping to gain as much global BLOGGER coverage as possible about this amazing chance, as it is something that keen sailors will not want to miss out on! It is a fabulous event and appeals to absolutely everybody.

    I wondered if there was a contact email address for the best person to speak to regarding editorial and spreading the news of this wonderful opportunity. I would be very grateful.

    Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to hearing from you! If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me


  77. we seem to be living the same life…however iv abandoned 4 sailboats already to pursue other ventures….all i can say is that my heart is now broken in 4….cheers
    ps, you know shes all you need bro….keep her!!!

  78. Been reading and enjoying your work for about a year. Another fellow I follow who might be of interest to you and your readers is Barry at Just thought I’d pass it along for you and your readers.

  79. Hello,
    Wanted to drop a note to say thanks for following along with my blog/s, and to say how refreshing it is to read your site. Great stuff, and a great adventure for sure. Well done!

  80. Brad Beaird said:

    Just wanted to drop a line and say hello. Just a land lubber in the midwest doing some day sailing here and there on local lakes. Spent time reading and enjoying your writing and photos. Dropping you a donation. Have a cold one on me and well done on your accomplishments

    – Brad

    • Brad Beaird said:

      Just realized now I can’t figure out how to leave a donation. Let me know and I’ll contribute to a frosty cold one.

      – Brad

  81. Hi there! Very inspiring blog. Seems you are in dire straights, though. Is there a way to make a donation? Don’t expect riches…

    – Alex from Berlin

    • Thank you for the very generous offer but its all part of the lifestyle. We may be in a pinch but we are living our dreams doing what we want and living everyday the way we choose 🙂

  82. Mike Gannon said:

    Cheers Cap’n Stormy!

    My name is Mike. I hail from Montreal, Canada and my boat is a hand-built CLC PocketShip designed by John Harris of Cheasapeake Light Craft.

    “So True” is a 15-foot gaff-rigged centerboard sloop and our cruising grounds are the St-Lawrence-Saguenay Fjord-Charlebois coastline of Quebec. She’s a great little boat for up to week of camping-style sailing for a minimalist who doesn’t mind sleeping on a mat on the sole and using the old “thunderbucket”. Week-long sailing getaways on “So True” are my reason for living.

    I LOVE your blog! My wife says its “so me” (whatever that means). I’m also a big fan of the FC 22 and almost bought one down in Mexico a few years ago as part of a plan to sail the Sea of Cortez (I guess I should have checked that out with the wife first, though).

    Please write more about your experiences sailing the Salish Sea.

    Fair Winds!

    “The beatings will continue until morale improves!”

  83. Hi Alan! It’s Jessie 🙂 will you please send me your email to I have a couple of photos I’d like to send your way. Cheers!

  84. Hey Stormy …… thanks a bunch for sharing your lifestyle with us.

    I have been reading your blog non – stop, I have had some similar experiences throughout my journey.

    Divorce, foreclosure, fucked over – you know the drill.

    I fell in love with sailing early in life, we had a family sailboat during my high school years and sailed every waking moment.

    When we bought the boat the previous owner demonstrated how to start the outboard.

    That was the last time it ran, we took it to a few mechanics and all of them urged us to get rid of it.

    We could not afford another motor anytime soon.

    I was not going to let that stop me from going sailing.

    During the next 14 months, I was the marina entertainment.

    I had a long pole and a very long oar, so I poled, rowed or sailed in and out of the marina.

    Its now thirty years later and I have returned to the the same town to reclaim what’s left of my time.

    Last year I bought a 1980 Cherubini Hunter 27 for a great price and have been lovingly
    restoring her.

    I made the decision to move aboard when my lease on my apartment expired.

    So I started giving stuff away and am not looking back, my two jack terriers love the water and will have no problem adjusting.

    We are going to live in the marina for a while but are going on the hook after that.

    The next thing to go is the job ……..

    Thank you again for your gift to us all !!!

    Fantastic writing !!

    Amazing photography !!


    • Mike, the beat part about all of our blogs is that it brings us all together. Have you seen Lots of good stuff over there. Sail on friend.

  85. Craig Waller said:

    Hi, Great blog/website. Myself and my fiancé are beginning our search for a live aboard. We are in no hurry. When it happens it will. We are not yet to a point where we could be self sufficient (without job) but hopefully one day we will.

  86. Happy October 1st from the Great Lakes. Stumbled and fell on your spring line , looked up and there you were. Good stories. Great lifestyle. All the Best….Mike

  87. My wife and I are talking about taking the plunge and buying a boat and just living life to live it for once… You blog is inspiring for me but I do have to ask what are the biggest challenges you face day to day?

  88. Your photography is amazing as is your candor. We did a little cruising in your neck of the wood and though our current cruising plans take us far and wide, returning to the Desolation Sound area is very high on our do-over list.

  89. Hi Stormy,
    Thanks for following our blog! Been checking out yours and love it—your boat is beautiful, but we’re suckers for classics as you’ve probably guessed 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  90. Kelly Brown said:

    Hello Stormy and Emily, found your blog a few weeks ago when I sooo needed a touch of the San Juans. Just bought a boat in Anacortes this September and had planned to be aboard by now but got side tracked a couple months so y’all’s stories are sweet wine to dry lips.
    Hope to share a taco sometime,
    Kelly and Rene

  91. Hi Allan

    If you are serious about moving to Ventura and want a job email me. I’ve lived here my entire life. It’s a great place.

    • Jeremy its looking like we will be there this year but can’t say when. I had a in Oxnard for years but haven’t been back since before the turn of the century, wondering how it has changed. We are expecting a 6 month stay and would love to meet you and if you still have work available when we arrive would be very interested in Chatting. Is your boat in the Harbor?

  92. Hi there, Do you guys know of any good Nor’sea 27’s for sale? Other than the yachtworld ones 🙂
    Great blog. Thanks for sharing.

  93. Hi guy’s, I’ve been following along your journey for awhile now and I have to say that your blog is one of, if not, my favorite blog! Thank you. In my younger day’s, I went on a journey myself and experienced many good times. Although my journey was across the U.S.A. and on a motorcycle. I admire you guy’s and sometimes wish that I could experience the ocean travels as well. Problem is I am far from a sailor and have a severe phobia of the ocean waters and everything out there that could swallow me whole.
    I wish you two nothing less than the best!

  94. Hi Alan , A very merry Christmas to you and yours !

  95. markwesti said:

    Happy New Year !

    • Happy New Years my friend, we just climbed into the boat and its 17 degrees WTF!!! Cranked the heater, poured a glass of Pendleton and pulled on our warmies 2015 Fuck Yeah! Cheers 🙂

  96. Jonet Sudduth said:

    Hi. This is the Flicka Lady. Thanks for giving me your card. I am enjoying your blog and your spirit. Hope Miss Chloe is staying warm.

  97. Alana Cowell said:

    Hello I love your blog. I bought a 36ft yacht but had never sailed before. It was very scary at times, especially in the stormy seas in the UK. I now have 40ft yacht and love every minute. I hope one day to leave the UK behind like you left your country and just sail. I have a dog Captaine he is 1.5 years now and uses a small piece of astro turf on the bow on long passages. I wish your life to be full of laughter, love and happiness live life to the full in the most beautiful way you do.
    Shall keep reading your blog. I am on twitter
    kind regards
    Alana Cowell author of To Sea Or Not To Sea 🙂

  98. David Lackey said:

    Alan, I came across the follpwing words written by Bernard Moitessier in his book, ‘Tamata and the Alliance: A Memoir,’ and thought that they describe you. “To feast at the great table you must have a great hunger and willingness to go unfed, only one in a million have both.” I hope you and yours are faring well.

  99. Hi – love reading your blog, it’s one of the few I’ve bookmarked.

    I really like your writing style, and it’s inspiring me to write more personal thoughts and feelings, instead of a dry list of stuff I’m fixing 🙂

    If you ever come to Victoria BC please look me up, I’ll buy you both a beer!

  100. Justin Smith said:

    Hey – Thanks for writing your blog! I just serendipitously stumbled upon it while asking google all the kinds of questions my turmoiled mind runs through daily; and well your blog doesn’t have my answers, but it has yours! As a young guy who bought a project boat and working against the clock and bank account to save her and get her ready for adventures, I am grateful to hear your take on things and really love how you seem to stay so upbeat and unflappable.

    I’d love to have a beer with you guys some time. I’m between Portland and Seattle currently, where are you guys docked now?



  101. Raz here from Bike Friday. I would love to use an excerpt of your latest post about our bikes in a newsletter and link to your blog. Would that be OK? Enjoy the sail and the ride.

  102. I’ve been reading quite a bit of your essays and love them. We are on a constant search for a small piece of land where we can eventually built a tiny home and garden. I have a feeling we will end up un Central America and build a small papala on the beach so we can get off the boat a few months a year. When we do find our dirt you guys are welcome to come visit 🙂

  103. Well I just got done reading quite a bit of your blog, I saw you want a windvane and I think I was pointed in the direction of sometime that would interest you. I had started a thread about a reasonably priced Windvane steering system and someone posted this

    Originally Posted by wayne williams View Post
    I just ordered a kit called the hebridean, made in Scotland. Looks to be a good solution to my situation. Not expensive but you have to complete with some added wood fabrication. just google hebridean self steering vanes.
    Its a little on the steep side just for plans and hardware but I guess its like the deal of the century as far a windvanes go.. Idk I think it might be worth checking out

    Links :
    Self-steering Servo-Pendulum Wind Vane Kit & Plans for DIY Kit for Sailors |
    Wind Vane Plans |

    There are some videos of it working too that you should check out.

    Very inspirational blog, I wish I had someone that was up to share the ultimate adventure like you do!

    You might also be interested in this windvane, which it the way to go in my limited knowledge Mr. Vane | Mister Vee wind vane self steering

    The only thing about this vane is I guess they only make them in batches once a year. If you preorder you get up to a nice 20% discount if im not mistaken, might have missed the boat of this years batch though. The Designer Sven Heesterman is a really nice guy. He may have an extra one he could hook you up with. If you were interested in going this route tell him Hunter B sent ya lol

    Good luck on your awesome adventure!

  104. Slobodan Velikic said:

    Hi Stormy,

    You know, I have to admit that you are my hero. I have been reading your blog for a while and I see that we both share same passion for sailing and travelling (although your pictures are incredible!). I do not envy nobody and I do not miss anything in my life but I really admire your way of living and it keeps me motivated to do similar thing like you did one day. And I know that day will come. J
    But I also like competitive sailing, the sporty part. When I travel to unknown places, I try to find some kind of sailing I can get involved in. If you are interested in sailing in Indonesia, you can read my article from Sulawesi, Indonesia – .

    I fell in love with offshore sailing and I want to participate in Mini Transat, so two weeks ago I quit my office job and decided to follow my dream J
    In case you do not know, Mini Transat is a regatta sailed singlehanded across the Atlantic Ocean ( And Mini’s are like big surfing boards, so fun to sail.
    However, for this regatta, I do not have money so I launched a crowd funding campaign in order to collect the money for the boat. The link to the campaign is here –

    I wondered that if you like the campaign could you share it on your blog so other readers can see it, possibly share and hopefully donate certain amount of money. I offered many perks for my donors, and I even offered a journey across the Atlantic back to Europe.

    If your answer is yes I would be very grateful and it would be a step closer for my dream coming true.


  105. Jai and Sarah said:

    Gday guys, we are from Australia, i bought “Scorpio” my columbia 9.6 in 2011 on vancouver island and have been trying/working/saving to get her home ever since. I know the feeling of being trapped but the boat is my hope.. Sarah and I will be exploring the san juans for 3 months starting July this year and doing as much to the boat as we can and next year we want to sail across the pacific. It would be nice to catch up with some like minded people such as your selves for a scotch and a sunset at some stage. Take care now..
    Jai and Sarah

  106. Love reading your evocative words and seeing your beautiful pictures. I live in London and have never sailed. But I’m inspired to and have just booked my first lesson. Maybe I’ll find myself lost on some waters soon? Mx

  107. Just recently found your blog. I was looking for a new sailing blog to follow. Several that I previously followed, either ended their cruises or began to bore beyond belief. Cruising vicariouslly is all I can do apparently, so I’ll be happy in that. Keep up the interesting posts! Cheers!

  108. Just working my way through your blog and wanted to say Howdy. I’ll post more once I get to your current posts.

  109. mark rava said:

    Hey Guys,

    I enjoy reading your blog from my cell I’m posed prison office.
    I thought you might like this item on ebay, a 1986 Channel Cutter 28.

  110. Jussi Pirnes said:


    Wonderfull blog. I’m very impressed.

    You write you have no self-steering equipment. Try to sheet to tiller system, you need just some rope and blocks and it works! There is many videos in youtube but this is very basic information:

  111. Dear Alan,

    My name is Michael Makarenko, I’m journalist in Sankt-Petersburg, Russia. At the moment I’m preparing an article about people like you – those, who decided to follow their dreams and change their fate, those who choose adventures. This article will be published in “Petersburg Na Nevskom” monthly magazine (
    I ask you for permission to use some of your photos (mostly pictures of you and your boat) and write about you in my story&

  112. Hello Art of Hookie –

    Thanks for the photos and nautical inspiration – Keep it up.

    When I can – I sail up and down the west coast of the US and Canada and share my stories on my sailing blog.

    I also share travel details and logistics for some of the most popular weekend cruises in California – (lots of Channel Island trips…)

    Fair winds!
    s/v Alize’

  113. Hey Man,

    My names Dan, I’m from Australia. I am sailing my 24ft Eastward Ho, home across the Pacific soon. Would love to be able to shoot you a few questions regarding setting up the boat.

    It was super nice to come across your blog, dude. i think my family and everybody thought i was crazy when I purchased ‘such a small boat’. After reading a few of your pieces I was stoked to learn that it can be done and is being done.



  114. Aloha from Maui, Hawaii! Interesting and entertaining adventures…very much enjoying reading them. Just wanted to say hello and Happy Sailing! Alohhha!!!

    • Aloha Nancy, I’m actually headed your way once i finish the wine crush. I’m hoping to explore the island by bike, I’d love suggestions.

  115. Hello Stormy,

    Just stumbled on your blog and see that you are about to go on an awesome adventure. I will be following along to see how it goes! I really admire your website and your writing. I’m trying to do something similar (live adventurously and write about it). Wondering if you had any tips for me, I’ve recently launched my blog at and am still trying to improve it.

    I’m currently trying to hitchhike on sailboats as crew to get eventually to Australia. Then continue adventuring from there of course… So far I’ve made it from New York to North Carolina with a really cool crew. The captain gave me the idea, and today on impulse, I bought a bicycle for 60$ on Craigslist!! It was a steal (literally such a good deal I expect it possibly was a stolen bike sold to me) but either way, I’m extremely excited now to ride it around in Florida and Cuba in the future!

    Thanks for having an good outlook on life and further confirming some of my decisions,
    Michael Swanbeck

    • Michael, the best advice I can give is just do it, timing is everything. In the sailing world we see the term go small go now and its good advice but go when your ready is better advice. Check out Linda’s site, she is awesome and might have some really good tips on delivering boats which is how I got 90% of my sea time when I was younger. Also keep writing. I’m fortunate enough to have met many of the worlds most awesome people through this blog. Don’t worry about how many people read your stuff, just write from the heart and the right people will find you.

  116. Would you mind emailing me the dimensions of the bowsprit on the Falmouth 22, especially at the stern end at the Samson posts? I don’t need the length. It would be nice to see a closeup of the stern end of the bowsprit as well. I’d also like to have the width and thickness of the boomkin timbers. I haven’t been aboard one of Lyle’s boats in years (the last time was a beautiful Bristol Channel Cutter, the named Tradition, in Corpus Christi, Texas, in the mid-1980s), but I’ve always loved his designs and once planned to build one of the 30 foot cutters like the Pardeys Taleisin. I had some interesting and informative conversations with Lyle back then. But life sometimes takes you in directions you don’t expect, and I never completed that dream. Now I’m an old man with less ambitious dreams, and Lyle is no longer alive to draw the boat I’d like to build, so I’m adapting bits of some of his designs into a 21′ trailerable weekend camping/cruising cutter to take my grandsons about in. I’m in the design stages, about to begin a ‘proof of concept’ scale model for a wooden lapstrake boat with deck and hull lines adapted from the Bristol Channel Cutter 28 and a slightly reduced Falmouth 22 sailplan (I’ll use the same specs for the standing rigging). Below deck, the accomodations will be much more spartan; topside, things like winches will be more robust (as I said, I’m old, and my grandsons are young, so the Murray MW-8 sheet winches might be considered overkill for normal sailors on a small boat). I’ll appreciate your help, and I wish you well on your new adventure.

    • I wish I could help you but I’m traveling for a few months so I can’t take measurements. What I can tell you is that the FC is way over built.

  117. Jeff Currie said:

    Hi…hope you are having a fantastic day. I have been binge reading your blog for a couple days…very nice work! I saw a quote from your March 29th, 2015 entry with the quote ““Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” ― Anonymous” and wanted to let you know that is a quote from Matthew 6:21 in the Bible. I am one of those people staring at a computer most of the day and dreaming about the day I chuck it all and just go…

  118. Hi Alan –
    We’ve settled nicely in Mexico and I thought I should drop you a line. Have no idea where you are in the world today but where ever that is, I hope you are happy and doing exactly as you want and love.
    I’m back in the boat search mode. This time something sporty for playing around the local area. Wish I knew a good broker – I would have gone to you if you were still dabbling in the biz.
    Stop in to see me when you’re down this way.

    If you have a referral broker – my email is Looking for a Century 3000 Center Console Sport Cabin – not too pricey though.

    Hope to hear from you again soon. Enjoying your blog from time to time.

    Kettenburg 40

    • Greetings my friend. I tampon about and sure do wish Chip was hers. I could really use his expertise at living the simple life. I have have a broker referral but I will keep it on mind and hope to cross wakes again soon.

  119. Just stumbled in here. Is your Colvin still available?

  120. merry Christmas, just started trough your blog. I have a 22′ shoal draft laguna right now. grew up sailing out of morro bay, ca

  121. I just read your post from Dec. 30. my name is Rodney , I own a business in Ohio. don’t pay attention to the hater’s they a f’n stupid an jelous. I love to read your adventures. fuck’em. I’m 50, divorced . and tied to my business. keep it up . an live for us trapped souls!

  122. Is there a way to send you a private message?

  123. Just came accross your site. I enjoy your writing style and perspectives. As a photo buff, your work is added enjoyment.
    I circumnavigate Vcr Is. last summer on a course on an older Baltic 42 racer.
    We are currently on an adventure with our Dana 24. We would love to have you visit.
    Ray Verlage

  124. I would love to meet up with you guys.

  125. Hi I have been reading your journal for years. You do inspire. Met you in the SJI couple years ago. I now have a sailboat in Des Moines but moving to Tacoma. If your ever in the area your always welcome aboard here.

  126. I really enjoy your blog. Beautiful words. Amazing and insipring journeys.

  127. Mike McCollough said:

    Something is wrong, I am receiving alerts from the past.

  128. Hi Alan – have read and enjoyed your blog for sometime. I’m looking forward to following the build of your new boat. I’m a life long sailor and I’m currently on a 14 month trip with my wife and daughter along the eastern seaboard of the Atlantic, from Newfoundland to the Caribbean. My wife is blogging the trip:

    Keep up the wonderful writing/photography!


    • Glen! Your blog is awesome. I’m just diving in but the bathrooms link… a true sailor 🙂

      • Thanks Alan! Although I can’t take credit. It’s all my wife. I just sail the boat and fix things when they break.


  129. David Hamilton said:

    Well you are in a beautiful part of the world, and your boat is beautiful. I’m often in Vancouver- not with my boat; still just a costal cruiser in England. I admire the breaking with mindless consumerism, and like your writing style.

    • David, all sailboats are costal cruisers. Without a captain no boat would ever leave the shore what fine craft do you call home 🙂

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